Is it time to begin Winding down?

Today for my weekly recap I thought I'd do something different. I got started writing about wrapping up NaBloPoMo and before I knew it I had written close to 500 words. So I said I'm not going to just use that here, I'll include it as today's blog post (Is it time to begin wineding down?) just leaving out the recape of my actual posts.  ...more

Posts for the Week of Nov 11 to Nov 17

Another week down. This one was harder for me. There were more days that I found myself scaring at a blank post no knowing what to post. So far I manage to get the words out each day and I've managed to get a post... though I almost didn't get this one out.   ...more

Looking back over the last week: November 4th to 10th

The first full week of Novemeber is behind us. With it I've writen 14 posts, that seems crazy. I've started my Mobile Monday posts with a post about the busted screen on my phone. I've started my Windows Wednesday series with my thoughts about Windows 8 and continued with my Fatherhood Friday Post with a post about a surprise guest and there new born baby. It was quite a week. I've also managed to post 7 new pictures of the  day. I captured My son's hockey practice, building lego with the kids and event my son loosing his first tooth. ...more

Week in review for Oct 28 - Nov 3

Once again it's november the month were people like to dust off their blogs and try to post every day for a month. My blog hasn't gatheried any dust, I post a Picture a day, and have done so for almost 3 years. But for Novemeber this year I'm going to try and do 2 posts every day. One writen the other my picture of the day. I hope to do at least 500 words on my writen post, but I'm going to give myself a little wiggle room there. ...more

Ending the Week with a thanks for my Mommy

Another week of Photos at Geek with kids

Saying Hello with a Review of the week @ Geek with Kids

Hi there BlogHer, today I thought I'd try becoming more active in your community. I joined BlogHer because of NaBloPoMo....more

Nothing to see here...

Hi all, This is just a test post.... I'm looking to start posting on my account here on a regular basis and before I do my first post I thought I'd do a test post to see how the editor works for adding images and saving drafts and the like. ...more