Interview #1: Earth Saver Miquette Bishop

08/04/2008 Interview #1: Earth Saver Miquette Bishop Earth Savers Parent Interview Series will be published every Monday throughout the summer. We will focus on interviewing both well known and unknown parents. ...more

Don't respond or comment- I CAN"T care less

Hi Can someone tell me best practices for getting feedback or comments on Blogs? Is it a time thing?  Is it mathematical? Take the average number of reads  over time = ? Really...I need some help here...     ...more

Lilly Pulitzer or Sustainable Living and Eco Problem Solving?

I've spent the past week watching films about the oil crisis, and several months reading every book I can get my hands on.  ...more

Ignorance is Bliss...and other Lyme Disease Ponderings Part One

20% of the children in my daughters class have Lyme Disease, My sister-in-law was diagnosed two weeks ago, and one of my best friends Husband and daughter have been battling the devistating effects of this disease for the past eight years. The more I talk about Lyme, the more I realize that the staggering facts are overwhelming and that we are facing an epidemic in our country. Lyme is on the rise, and no one is talking about it. Doctors are uneducated about it, and mis-diagnosing patients, and the lack of education around the facts of Lyme are mind-boggling. ...more

Thank You Mr. Ray Anderson

July 23, 2008  ...more

It's women who will "reclaim" the planet

It occurs to me that the true power of women is yet to be realized in the face of global warming. Women, mothers, daughters, and females will be the ones who will stop the madness and devistation that is happening to our planet in the name of progress.  Our ability to communicate, nurture, muti-task, empower, and teach is what it will take to reclaim the future of our children, and our collective human family. With this said, I also believe in the power of men...but ultimately it is our own power to lead and make a dent in this task that will inspire men to do the same. ...more