Healing Paws

Today I had a horrible asthma attack because of a cold I've had all week.  My beautiful Border Collies and Monkey Boy haven't left my side since it happened.  They've been taking care of me since my husband is still working out of state.  This beauty is Magdalena, Monkey Boy's adopted beauty queen.  ...more

Bobby Kitty Goes Jogging

Our family cat Bobby Kitty decided to start jogging today on the treadmill.  My Monkey boy, Andre has a c...more

Exploring with Andre

Exploring with Andre ...more

Learning to Travel Alone

I've never been afraid to travel by myself. I know that feeling like that isn't always the wisest decision in times like these, but that's how I am. My parents raised me to be independent and inquisitive....more

Surviving the Swamp

My sons...more

Kissing Frogs

How many frogs have you kissed? Are you one of those "lucky" few who married your first love right out of high school or college? How do you know that you didn't just marry a frog and that Prince/Princess Charming is still out there and you just missed them as you were driving by? One of my high school friends married her high school sweetheart and she used to say that all she wanted to do was get married, have kids and be a housewife. Well mission accomplished!...more


One of the things that I love about living in the country are the stars.  I love being able to sit outside with my kids at night and look at the beautiful sky all around us.  There are no trees to block our view.  No cars honking or driving by to distract us.  My 11 year old can name quite a few of the constellations.  He's learned them from sleeping under the constellation exhibit at the Seattle Science Center during 4-H w...more

Watching my Son Struggle

My 8 1/2 year old son has ADHD. He is smart, funny, imaginative, sensitive, loving, well mannered and wild. He can in the range of a day take you through every emotion known to man. He didn't speak until he was almost 2 1/2 but has made up for it since. He didn't have to speak. He has a big brother who spoke and did for him....more

DUE TO . . . . .

My husband is working and living in Florida right now....more

Two Steps from Homeless

School is starting soon and I just took my two youngest sons school shopping in our favorite stores. They got to pick out quite a few different outfits each sticking to the budget I gave them before hand. We finished by going to one of my favorite restaurants The Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner. I love spending time with my children and realize that days like yesterday are numbered as they get older and will want to spend more time with their friends....more