Life After Maternity Leave....

So it's that time for me. The time when my maternity leave is over, sigh. A whole year gone. I have the overwhelming feeling that it just wasn't enough time. And now I sympathize with those in this world who don't have the priviledge of having a paid leave, or even this long of a paid leave. I am not the type who would have taken jumping back into work easily. ...more

Have No Fear !!! The Cupcake Lady is Here !!!

Well.  That's right.  I stumbled upon this site and I thought, "What a great idea."  I've been blogging about cupcakes, crafts and general moments of my life since Oct 2007 and sometimes I get the 'little guy' feeling of being a alone on the world wide web.  Not quite knowing how to get myself out there and part of an online community - and, rightly so, a little overwhelmed at how to do so!  So here I am, giving a warm hello to all of you truly experienced bloggers and likewise bumbling bloggers like myself.  I can't wait to get to know who's out there! ...more

Thanks for your tips and link.  I think I'm off to a good start. And, you're right Denise.  I ...more