Time is relative

I get asked about how I like living in Alaska a lot. We moved here from San Antonio, which apparently requires someone (either me or the other person) indicating what a vast difference the weather is. I don't mind the winter, I grew up in the suburbs of Detroit, so I know what cold is and I know what snow is. I like living in Alaska fine. I'm used to the fact that winter lasts about 7 months, spring is about a month long and is the most unpopular of the seasons, and summer is very similar to a Texan winter....more

God's sense of humor

I had almost completed a blog about women who complain about deserving happiness and how they drive me crazy. It was poignant and sharp and witty, if I do say so myself. But as I was winding it up, I glanced over to the right. And came undone with excitement. (hang on, kids, we're about to learn something about Mrs. Dzl!)...more

Investment Tip for Hollywood.

I forgot something this weekend that is very important. I cry at any Disney movie that is not a cartoon. Not the sweet cry, with the lone tear finding its way down my cheek. I am talking about barely controlled sobbing into my shredded kleenex. I'm talking soggy popcorn kind of crying.We rented The Odd Life of Timothy Green this weekend. I didn't think a thing about it until I saw the Disney logo flash on the screen as the movie started. I said, "Uh oh."...more

Awkward Silences

We moved to Alaska last summer. This means that I now have to establish all new relationships. From friends to church to doctors to neighbors to vets to kennels, dog groomers, hair stylist, car repair, lawn guys, snow plow guys (oh, how I wish! Instead, I got a giant snow thrower...if you need your driveway done, call me, my rates are reasonable...)The problem with meeting new people, especially potential married friends, is that while the words may vary somewhat the exchange inevitably goes something like this:...more

On Your Mark, Get Set...

I always dreamed I'd be a mom "Someday." I never worried even though I rarely dated. It would happen Someday. I had stuff to do first. I was an editor at a publishing house in the mid-west, I moved to Europe to work with military teens. I had friends. I had travels. I had fun....more