Some Financial Consequences of Depression

When I was a sophomore in college, I learned that my mother had terminal cancer. This news threw me into a downward, depressive spiral. Months later, my friends finally convinced me to get help at the college's health center. A combination of really good friends, counseling, and medication helped me pull through. ...more

What helps you make decisions on a big purchase?

Ah, DC. Yesterday, while Mr. Micah and I were out, I saw and heard two completely ridiculous advertisements. #1 -- Redskins player with a forgettable name and position* comes on the radio. He asks us whether we consider ourselves Redskins fans. Because he has news--unless our cell phone provider is Sprint, we don't love the 'skins at all. Why? Because Sprint is offering 'skins skins for their customers. #2 -- On the metro, there were a number of fliers for a condo community. They emphasized that your welcome gift would be a flatscreen tv (I didn't see size mentioned). ...more

Credit Card PSA via Mrs. Micah's Dad

So my Dad and I were discussing credit card stuff (he's in the business). He made a very important point which I haven't heard discussed much. So here's my public service announcement: The credit card company will pay off your lowest interest balance first with the money you send in. This is guaranteed to cost you money. The amount depends on your balance and percentages. ...more

Does Your Sense of Entitlement Cost You Money?

I was running a Google search at work for a local towing company (our building has been having problems with illegal parkers on our loading dock--yes, the loading dock!!) when I ran across a rather amusing blog post saying that the company was the worst in the entire world. I won't link to it because it's a bit compromising of my location. ...more

Mrs. Micah’s Red Letter Day

Financially speaking, today’s been good. I wanted to post this separately from my other post for the day. First – Mr. Micah and I paid off his credit card! All gone. I’ve updated my NetWorthIQ and NCN repayment chart. First step of the debt snowball is done! Now we focus on the auto loan. Second – I found one of those Nantucket Nectars bottle caps which say “Nantucket has no fast-food franchises” or whatever the specific phrase is. I’m going to mail it in this week for the chance to win $1000. It’s worth a shot. ...more

Paying off that first credit card is huge. Really huge. Also deciding which types of ...more

How Badly Do You Want the Money?

Serious question. Most people reading this blog are interested in personal finance, budgeting, getting out of debt, or something of that sort. I'd say that most of the blogs I subscribe too are PF-related. And today's selection (along with some older ones) has raised that question for me. If we're looking to get out of debt, one of the best ways to do that (besides cutting spending) is to make more money and put it towards repayment. ...more

It's hard, really hard. I know since I've been doing it for several years now. Now that I'm ...more

Charitable giving vs. the value of compounding and debt reduction—a dilemma and temporary solution

On Saturday, Trent at the Simple Dollar blogged about frugality and social giving. I've been pondering something related for a few weeks—giving to charity and getting compound interest. You see, I'm 22 years old. This gives me a tremendous edge with compounding. Starting me investing now can make a big difference compared with investing later. ...more

I think you should consider other "giving" options - can you donate your time, while you're ...more

Mr. Micah and the MYO funnel!

Mr. Micah's a very impressive lad. I'd mentioned that in order to pour our powdered milk (now hydrated) into the jug, we'd need a funnel. Mr. Micah picked up a stray water bottle (I keep backups from when I've had to buy water) and asked if I needed it. When I said no, he cut it in twain and used the neck part as a funnel. Brilliant! (yes, he washed it) I love him so much! I told him I was going to brag about him on here. So there's a new kitchen solution for you. Courtesy of my lovely man. ...more

More about money-making opportunities, including employment

I'll start with employment. Today, Bobbie sat me down and we had another talk...the kind which feels like a mini-performance review. She thinks I'm doing quite well. Only negative was that I probably shouldn't be online so much (she's away for the afternoon, so I feel ok posting) but that she hadn't given me online guidlines yet anyway. Said she thought my time might be better spent for the company if, during my downtime (which is shrinking because I'm able to take on more projects--yay!), I read tenant files, especially tenant correspondance. That way I know who I'm working with. ...more

Mrs. Micah considers alternative sources of income

Trent at The Simple Dollar posted about this yesterday and it started me thinking. How can I diversify my income? Where are places where I can make a little or a lot? ...more

I am a long time fan of PPP and a member, though I no longer take opps (because I just do not ...more