Waking Up Early : A Small Habit Change With Big Results

View From My Driveway : Mt. IwakiOriginally posted at http://sarahjoyalbrecht.comI have always been a night owl. Just ask my parents....more

Should My Kids Watch Avatar? A Mom’s Review of FernGully Sequel

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So the close up camera shots of the bad army guy getting impaled with an arrow in an ...more

Charity: Do Your Gifts Make Recipients Feel Loved or Judged?

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Finders Keepers November Giveaway : 8 Hello Kitty Flags, 3 Chopsticks and a Red Tote

Do you have a favorite story of finding something you thought was lost forever? Maybe you found something and helped it find its way back to its owner. I want to hear about it!...more

October Giveaway: Japanese Obento Set

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September Giveaway: Name My Minivan to Win Stuff From Japan

I’m excited to announce that the monthly giveaway of care packages from Japan has officially begun on my blog! (If you're new to my blog, Welcome! ) Why I am I doing this? Because there are way too many awesome things here in Japan to hoard to myself. I had to find a way to share! ...more

10th Wedding Anniversary

Originally posted at : http://www.sarahjoyalbrecht.com/   It’s hard to believe that ten years ago today, on August 27, 1999, Tom and I were married. Was it really that long ago? Little did I know at the time how Tom would change my life when I met him 12 years ago at a bowling alley. ...more

Dandelion Gifts: Keeping Short-Stemmed Flowers

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Rice Planting in Kashiwa, Japan - May 23, 2009

Originally posted w/ video at www.sarahjoyalbrecht.com   For the first time in my life, I saw rice being planted! When I went outside early this morning, I noticed the back field, which has been flooded for about a week, had been drained and was full of thick mud. ...more