Songs For My Mama

This post was inspired by the quote below by Kristin Hannah as part of the link up That's What She Said. (That's What She Said is weekly link up inspired by women's words.) ...more

My Imaginary Coffee Shop #NaBloPoMo

Today, I did something B-A-N-A-N-A-S! Well, bananas to me, that is.  You see, I'm a free spirit, I like to be boundless, creative, and open {Did you just say that's what she said? If so then… you're my best friend--HIGH FIVE!}, BUT even I know structure is needed, and it can be good. Ergo,  I have made the decision to put a little structure in my blogging world, and made the commitment by placing my blog on the NaBloPoMo blogroll!! What does that mean? Well, besides meaning I'm nuts, I will post EVERYDAY this November!...more

DIY Mermaid Crown {Inspired by Fancy Nancy and the Mermaid Ballet}

I already shared how I made my daughter a mermaid costume inspired by the book ...more

Easy DIY NO Sew Mermaid Outfit {Inspired by Fancy Nancy and the Mermaid Ballet}

My daughter has a book project coming up for school; she has to dress like a character from a book, decorate a pumpkin like a character from the book, and write about the book on a pumpkin poster. My daughter was delighted to receive this  project... and to be honest, I was too....more

Blogging Is Like Dating

13 Years Ago….

    Embassy Suites Hotel State Street Downtown Chicago​...more

I just have to

Okay, this post was NOT a planned post, instead this is a post of passion, so forgive me for my hastiness and possible adult language.  I'm furious....more

I May Never be Polly…

Have you ever seen Along Came Polly? I LOVE that movie!!! Sadly, in real life, I'm not Polly. I would have to say I'm more like Rueben (Ben Stiller)....more

Faith in Humanity {ww}

This weekend my family and I went to my husband's company picnic, it was nice.  Okay, I hate to complain but DAMN it was HOT! South Carolina in August is no joke 100% humidity with a temperature in devilish degrees.  However, we forgot all about the heat once we coaxed my husband into volunteering for the dunk tank.  The 11:00-11:15 a.m dunk tank slot was open, and all the kids were waiting anxiously to dunk an adult; none of the adults were raising their hand in the air....more

The Thing About It Is…..

I commented on a thought-provoking post written by Brittnei on her blog Homemaking with Style, that inspired this post here.  After posting my comment…....more