My Obsession (9/16/2012)

Fifty Shades of Grey....Yes this is MY new obsessed....well it has been for a few months now. I am going to say now I am here expressing my views and thoughts on this book...they are NOT negative and though I dont mind open discussing... I would greatly appeciate NO negativity about my posts, and I would rather NOT have negative comments about my post. This trilogy may not be everyones favorite, some may not like it...but my thoughts are if you have NOT read it...or have NOT read all of it...those people have no idea about this story. ...more

First Blog on BlogHer

This is my first blog here on, I just saw about this site on Ricki Lake :LOL. So I thought since I love to blog about all sorts of thing this site would be perfect. I wanted to tell a little more about myself and what types of things I may blog about. I love cooking so I will post recipes I am sure, same with baking, I love photography so I am hoping to find a way to post pictures on here. I love writing about my family and friends, and just stuff. I write out feelings, and about things I am thinking, and I also just love to WRITE....more
Thank you ladies. :)more