Judgmental Mommy

Cloth Diapers or Store Bought Diapers?Breastfeed or Bottle Feed?Delay Vaccines or give vaccines?I never realized it before I was a parent myself, but there are a LOT of judgments out there being passed on moms. If we give our kids too much attention, we’re considered “psycho attachment parenting advocates” who baby their children for too long, but if we don’t give our kids just the right amount of attention, we are judged for not being there enough.It’s pretty much a lose/lose situation for a mom....more

I AM the perfect Parent

What?Don’t laugh.Don’t click away because you think I’ve all of a sudden come up with some sense of insane narcissism and arrogance.Because I haven’t. I’m just stating the truth. Remember, I’m all about the truth. About being REAL. About laying it all out there and not being afraid to talk about things that other people don’t want to talk about.Like this. Like the fact that I really am the perfect parent.And whether you believe it or not, SO ARE YOU....more

I Yell at my Kid...guess that makes YOU a better mom

If I’ve learned nothing else in life, it’s that you can’t let other people and what they say bother you. It’s tough, and I still struggle with it on occasion, but for the most part I’m one of those “we all have opinions” kind of people. I may not agree with you, you may not agree with me…and that’s okay. Because we all have the right to be different and think differently.But....more

The Toughest Job...and it's not Motherhood.

I married a committed military man. And I have loved this military life. I have also had to put my personal opinions aside, to truly understand that our defenders of freedom are fighting a bigger battle. Not a political one, there battle goes beyond politics. Beyond religion, race or gender....more

Think Happy. Be Happy.

A few weeks ago a talked to you guys a little bit about changing your perspective and how powerful it can be when it comes to your attitude and your outlook on life. As it turns out, changing your mindset and opting yourself out of the seemingly “normal” mindset that there always has to be something wrong in our lives, has a powerful impact on how successful we are within our lives—both in a career sense, and a personal sense....more

Half Empty, Half Full, WHO CARES?!

For the longest time, I never completely grasped the whole meaning behind that “is the glass half empty, or half full” saying. What do you mean is it half empty of half full? Does it matter? There is only half a cup of liquid in that glass. Who cares if it’s half empty or full… But I’ve begun to realize the importance of that phrase. It’s all about perspective…it’s all about life outlook....more

"Adult" is a title that is EARNED

One of the most common misconceptions in our somewhat screwed up society, is that there is a magic number that makes someone an adult. Even more absurd than that, is the notion that certain life changing events makes one an adult. Getting married, having children, being of legal age to consume alcohol…none of these constitutes adulthood. At least, not in my book.   I did a lot of thinking when I got this writing prompt in my email....more

Why are you Here!?

I grew up in a small town in Alabama. One of those cliché towns where everyone knows everyone, high school football comes next to religion, and 99.9% of the people who grow up there, stay there until the day that they day. That’s just how it is. The biggest ambitions for most people I went to school with was to become a nurse or a teacher, and live within [at most] 30 miles from their mama and daddy....more

Learn to Edit your Photo's Professionally

As a photographer who is looking to further her business, I often get asked what steps I take when editing my photos. After countless [and by countless, I mean 30+ emails in the last 3-4 weeks] how I edit, what program I use, etc. I have decided that maybe the time has come to host a workshop and write a workbook on editing....more

Pick Up Your Mat

It’s no secret that I am a Christian, child of God and a devout follower of the Lord. While I may not discuss my faith on a daily basis and don’t write long drawn out posts about scripture and sermons, it is—nonetheless—a very big part of who I am. God always speaks to me in the most seemingly mundane ways. He knows that I’m a person who is impacted and influenced most through words and sermons. That’s why I take notes in church. Seriously....more