Time to Lean In? #BlogHer14

As the deadline to submit an idea for BlogHer '14 fast approaches, I keep opening and shutting the tab with that link over there. The days are passing quickly, and if I don't get my idea out there, it will be December 3 and the big idea will hit me.First, I should say that I haven't bought my ticket yet. I know. I feel like a small fish in a big sea of bloggers....more

NaBloPoMo: What's My Name

Source: BlogHer.comNovember 7 Prompt: If you had to switch your first name, what name would you choose and why?"I learned how to write it when I first started school" - Dierks Bentley, "My Last Name"...more

5 Things Every Girls' Week Needs

Recently, I was blessed to go on a Girl's Week with my cousins Jess and Ella and some of our friends. We went were we relax best, The Resting Place. Every one of us needed the week for one reason or another. For me, it was for reflection and trying to find some peace with some things I've been struggling with....more

Dr. King's Speech: In Dad's Eye's

Fifty years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. addressed a nation with his "I Have a Dream" speech. As you know, our family is living that dream. Our dad (Pop Pop) was there for the March on Washington--he and his Dad rode a bus from Harlem to D.C. We asked him some questions about the day, and are so glad to be able to hear his recollection of this moment in our history. He was 24 years old at the time. ...more

BlogHer 2013 Taught Me

A 'lil over a week ago I went off to Chicago to meet some of my blogging friends and 5,000-ish of our peers at BlogHer '13. It was a conference I'd been looking forward to for many personal reasons. I love blogging, and I love the community. I just needed it all to come together. And that it did. #BlogHer13 taught me a lot about myself and why I do what I do....more

30-Second Pitch #BlogHer13

In April, I attended a conference for work (HDI). The first session I attended was about having a 30-second Pitch. You want to be able to capture your audience in the brief time you might have with them and make yourself stand out among the crowd. I’ll be using tips learned in that session to help me while I am at Blogher ’13 this weekend....more

10 Things About @MrsGregWillis

Today, in preparation for BlogHer 2013, I am linking up with Steph over at "A Grande Life" with 10 Things You Should Know About Me. This post may help break the ice with some of my new blogger friends, but most importantly it will give my kids at least 10 things about their Mama....more

I'm an Ally and I Know It

Would you believe that I had to spend ten minutes of my busy day today writing a Facebook message to an acquaintance about why I’m an ally of the LGBTQ community. Why did I do it? Because I was sent a message asking if my sister-in-law was gay and questioning my (Christian) faith. Sorry, folks, but I’m an Ally and I know it....more

One of Forty

Surely the whole metric about  "40% of US homes tout women as the primary breadwinner" is old news for all of you. But I apologize, friends, because you see, I am one of forty. And no, I won't be the first to blog about it, nor will I be the last. But gosh golly gee? I am going to blog about it....more

Real Punishment

Both of the kids know full well that when Greg starts counting 1...2...3... or I count 5...4...3... (we have to get on the same page) a real punishment is about to be delivered. For the most part, that is typically a time-out (although it has included no evening snack, no TV, playing in different rooms, etc.). Tonight, I learned that Arianna has a pretty good sense of real punishment, too....more