Listen To Your Mother 2016, do the thing

I’ve auditioned for Listen To Your Mother twice. In 2015...more

Feminism, and the Defiance of Daughters

Sexism. What a dirty word. What a list of cruel and ugly things it draws on your mind as you think it ....more

Why I love Windsor.

Occasionally still, I’m asked why I don’t live in Harrow anymore. Why I choose the city life, why I choose to live in Windsor when almost all my family lives in my hometown. The plain fact is: I love it ....more

Listen To Your Mother: I’m in the 2016 Metro Detroit cast (!)

Here’s why I wanted to do Listen To Your Mother: because I love story telling. It fills my aching soul with incomparable beauty. People are fascinating ....more

How To Get Through an Anxiety Attack: a 10 year old’s guide

My 10yr old daughter, Isabella, wrote this. She had to choose a procedural writing assignment topic, and this is what she chose. Bella has been dealing with anxiety for quite a while now, she has learned many tools from many people ....more

Why I Don’t Make a Big Deal of the First Day of School

We don’t really take Back to School pictures. I mean, I’ll usually snap a quick one of the girls as I’m headed out the door to work or something, but we don’t do a sign or a chalkboard or even a pose of any kind. I went to Bella’s first day, and Annika’s first day and Ryan went to Maelle’s ....more


Blake’s been gone two years. Two years ago on Sunday. Sometimes the thoughts of him pass with no thought following at all, sometimes they even pass with a smile ....more

It’s gettin Political up in here. [Canadian Leaders Debate, Election 2015]

I’m starting a political blog. Not here, don’t worry, I’m starting it on another site altogether. Let’s not get too excited, some of us are Canadian in here ....more

Hi. I’m 33.

It’s my birthday. I’m 33 today. That sounds old but doesn’t feel old ....more

Slowly, and then all at once. The Tweens.

It’s kind of how John Green describes falling in love in The Fault In Our Stars: “slowly, and then all at once.” That’s how Isabella became a tween. I hate that term- tween. It’s so precious ....more