I want my daughters to fail.

I want my daughters to fail. I want my daughters to fail so hard. While you talk of not burning bridges, I whisper to my daughters “maybe just take the river route” ....more

They DO grow up, eh?

I mean, that’s why we...more

Cover Your Bits- why my children dress terribly & why I like it

“Oh. Maëlle has taken on her sister’s sense of style, I see…” was the genuinely good-natured comment offered by Annika’s teacher on a pick up one evening with two other Ladies in tow. My daughters’ choices of attire are sometimes usually always just left of traditional and would really never be found in a magazine or Pinterest spread ....more

A first hand perspective on Finnish schools vs North American schools

My twitter feed is varied with every type of account from family, to Moms and Dads, to local breweries, to bird &...more

No really, I don’t want a Valentine’s Day gift

I heard a radio ad this morning that really ticked me off. Like, I full-voice screamed in my car it pissed me off so much. “Guys, when your girl tells you she doesn’t want anything for Valentine’s Day? ...more

Experience vs Expertise. Chatting with Ladies.

“You know, if you get married, you don’t have to change your last name. Did you know you can keep your name the same as it is now?” This sentence came up over breakfast one morning. The ladies were intrigued ....more

Words and a Door.

Yesterday, I...more

It’s ok to not know.

Each trip I make out to my hometown, I detour to...more

Social Media: noun or verb?

People have…opinions. I know this because I am a people. I have many opinions ....more

The Pain of Raising Daughters

There is very little that touches the particular searing pain of wanting to change something for your kid, but then realizing you don’t have the power to do that. Perhaps the only thing that hurts more, is knowing that even if you do have the power, you can’t use it. This article on the pain of motherhood got me right in the feels ....more