To know they were here.

I have kept close with exactly two friends since kindergarten. They live so close, and yet I only see them like thrice a year. We seem to talk either not for a few months, or a whole whole lot at one time ....more

Timelines. (Mostly how I’m the only one who cares about them.)

“Sweet mother of MERCY Maëlle, if you don’t find that damn blanket in like 2.2 seconds we are leaving without it!” And I watch that beautiful blonde head just roll around her adorably still-somewhat-baby-plump little body and I want to shake her wrap her up in a love hug…(I don’t shake my kids, guys. Put the phone down.) You see, my children are gloriously now old enough to be responsible for getting themselves ready to leave out the door somewhere. Get dressed, brush your hair and teeth, pee, gather whatever useless belongings you simply must...more

“I don’t know, really. I just do it.” A Parenting Philosophy

A friend asked me recently how...more

Like A Girl

I mostly avoid viral videos. (Most especially the ones on Facebook.) This morning I finally watched the Like a Girl video ad from ...more

Ontario Election 2014

I’m not going to make this long or complicated (read: boring), I just want to leave some resources here for people and make a simple plea to vote. So, Alicia…who should I vote for? Well I haven’t got one sweet clue ....more

Work it out, even while you work

Last summer when I started running, I did it for solitude. This winter I added a couple layers to my running practice, for much the same reason: I needed it. I don’t need to lose weight, truth be told if I lose more I’ll be worried ....more


The girl is pure pull-my-hair-out hilarity and I love her. Maëlle’s little brain is unlike anything I’ve ever come across. Call ...more

On the missing link between Journalism and Respect

Bare with me here, this is about to take a sad turn. When my cousin died last summer, do you know how his family found out? By a picture of his crushed car posted on the internet ....more

Everything is better with a Soundtrack

Soundtracks are pretty transformative. One of the first things I do when I get to work & log in to my computer is open my Rdio app and find a song that makes me dance. Yeah, I said dance ....more