Weight Loss Update

Tomorrow I'm going to share a few ways you can help Leslie Sisti's family if you are interested. ...more

Leslie Sisti

If you have read her long, you know that we have a Singles Day where people link up single friends and somehow matches have been made! Ten couples have met and married. ...more

Summer Fun

Will Holden had his first baby sitter last week - his Aunt Laurie. Laurie loves babies more than anything in the world so she has been dying to keep him. ...more

Three Months

Will Holden you are three months old!!!!!...more

The Beauty Within

Will Holden will be three months old tomorrow. ...more


Well we have managed to have some fun over the last week or so. ...more


Every Friday, I am featuring a different state. ...more

The Summer of Home

OKAY - I need any of you who live in CALIFORNIA to email me your favorite things about your state (where to visit, eat, shop, what to do, etc). ...more

Jesus in Her Heart

Last week was one of our favorite weeks of the year ...more


We are touring the United States by sharing a new state each Friday and you readers are sharing with us the highlights of the state!!! ...more