Well, it's September. ...more


I don't know how many of you may have read Lyndsie Brooker's blog in the past but she was a blog friend of mine. ...more

How Deep the Father's Love for Us

I've been thinking a lot this past week about parenting. The majority of parents (and I say majority because we all know there are people who have kids but have no business being parents) want the same things for our kids. ...more

Four Months Old

Will Holden you are four months old!!!! You weigh close to 15 pounds are around 25 inches long. You wear a size 3-6 months and a size 2 diaper ....more

First day of preschool

Sweet Hollis started preschool on Friday. ...more

Fours, Fall and Fear

It's been an eventful week....more

Be a Light

I shared this on Instagram but I know that a lot of you aren't on there and it bears repeating: Had a special morning with our women's ministry team praying over our church preschool and MDO (mother's day out)....more

Finishing the Race

Two of my favorite guys had really big weekends this past weekend....more

What does "Being Saved" mean?

When I wrote a post a few weeks ago about Harper asking Jesus in her heart, I received a lot of emails and comments asking me what exactly it meant to "be saved". I want to preface this post by saying that first of all - I'm not a theologian or a preacher. ...more

What's up

I didn't blog much last week. ...more