Our Thanksgiving Menu

It’s here again! Thanksgiving! My FAVORITE holiday of the year!!! Can you tell I’m just a little excited?Today I’m going to share with you all of the family favorite recipes that I make every year for our Thanksgiving Dinner.See the post with all of the recipes, on Cosmopolitan Cornbread - HERE...more

Hows to make Classic Stuffed Manicotti

This delicious and classic Stuffed Manicotti, is the perfect “company’s coming” supper. Learn my trick for easily filling the noodles.Get the recipe at Cosmopolitan Cornbread, HERE...more

Fudge Pudding Cake

This deliciously rich Fudge Pudding Cake creates its own chocolate sauce, right in the pan while it bakes. Think of a warm cobbler, only chocolate. You are going to love this dessert, and your family will be asking for it again, and again.  Get the recipe HERE...more

Banana Pudding Cups

I love to share cool desserts at picnics and a great way to serve those desserts is in jars. The jars can be stuck down in a cooler or tub of ice and require no serving spoons. You just grab a jar and dig in.Why not make this version of a southern classic – Banana Pudding - that very way?Get the recipe HERE...more

Double Chocolate Fudge Coca-Cola Cake - A Cracker Barrel Copycat Recipe

Chocolate Cola Cakes seem to be a staple dessert here in the South. It seems like you see them all over the place, including in every Cracker Barrel restaurant all over the country. Today I am sharing my take on this rich dessert. When I made this recently for my family, my son declared that it was his “new birthday cake.” A funny response since he had given me “the look” when he saw me pouring cola into the cake batter. I’ll take it!...more

Piña Colada Summer Smoothie

This Piña Colada Summer Smoothie is a healthy and delicious way to treat yourself.Get the recipe HERE...more

Bourbon Banana Crumb Muffins

Bourbon Banana Crumb Muffins are a wonderful treat, paired with your morning coffee…or afternoon tea.Get the recipe HERE...more

Being Productive & Managing Time in 2015

I wanted to take a moment and share some tips with you today. Tips about managing time and helping yourself be a little more productive in 2015. I have to be honest, these tips are just as much a reminder to me as they are to help you! ...more

Swiss Onion Bread

Swiss Onion Bread - soft bread swirled with caramelized onions and gooey Swiss cheese.Get the recipe HERE...more

2014 - The Year in Review

Can you believe that next week launches 2015!?!? Every year I like to take a look back and do a “Year in Review” post. Come along with me as I take a look at what happened in 2014! JanuaryIn January I attended my first blogging conference – Food Blog South in Birmingham, Alabama. I had a wonderful time! I learned so much and met some great bloggers and food professionals....more