Travel Hacks for Families

Travel Hacks for FamiliesAsk a mother what her idea of a vacation is, and I'll bet you she censors her answer.  What runs through her mind is, "a trip without the kids!"  That's not what she says, though…Until now.  After reading these hacks, moms will be rushing to their favorite booking site or travel agent, scooping up the best deals!  Ok, maybe not quite like that, but I promise that your next family vacation will be more enjoyable if you use my tried-and-true tips!...more


I recently wrote an article about something that happened to me 16 years ago.  I was raped.  Sexually assaulted.  Molested.  There are so many words to describe what happened to me that night.  I had been drinking, and drunkenly went to the hotel room of an NHL referee, where he prevented me from leaving and forced himself on me, ignoring my attempts to stop him.  It has been republished on Huffington Post and in Australia on Mamamia....more

I Was 9 Months Pregnant When My Mom Died

The phone rang and my body tensed, just as it had for the last two days whenever the phone rang. I was waiting for the call. The one where the voice on the other end of the line would tell me, "She's gone, Jacqui. Mom died."...more
I had lost my parents in one of the accident; I was about 8-9 years old. I didn’t get the chance ...more

Fifty Shades of Mom

So, you thought 50 Shades was steamy?  Wait until you read this: 50 Shades of Mom.  Things get really hot in here.  Cause we're in the kitchen.  Cooking.  Again.Fifty Shades of Mom -- A Parody...more

How to Make Bath Salts

I love giving homemade gifts when I can, for just because reasons.  Valentine's Day may not be "just because" but I like to give something other than candy and chocolate.  I also always remember my divorced or single friends on this holiday, to let them know that I love them and appreciate them!  My homemade bath salts are always received well, and who doesn't love taking a bath?!  They can also be used as a body scrub (just add a teaspoon of warmed up coconut oil to provide a lubricant before scrubbing)....more

Warning: You're a Failure… and So Am I

Success stories -- they're everywhere.  All too often, we read articles and blogs about how people made their transition into the amazing positions they are now in.  From geek to chic, rags to riches; there are so many cliches to describe this wonderful way that people have turned their lives around and transformed into something new, seemingly overnight....more

Branching Out, Accepting Guest Posts

MrsMuffinTop is excited to announce that as of January 10th, 2015, I will be publishing guest posts!Going through the submission and acceptance process (and the rejection) has been such a wonderful learning process for me!  I would love to grow more and give other bloggers the chance to grow and learn with me.  My goal is to start with one or two guest posts per day, with topics like humor, parenting, recipes, and timely topics.  This is a scary new venture, for sure, but I'm excited at what it will bring!...more

Ways to Give Your Kids an Honest To Goodness 2010's Experience

I just got an email from my kid's summer camp, telling me that pre-registration is open. It also said that some spots are already filled. Um, it's January. Really?...more

10 Difference From Our 20's to Our 30's

This article was a feature on Huffington Post Women. If you are in your thirties now, just as I am, then I'm sure you've noticed some differences separating this decade from our last. Some are subtle, and it's hard to even realize when the transition happened, and others seemingly pop up over night, just like that new wrinkle around your lips. Just me? Didn't think so.Here are 10 difference between our 20s and our 30s:...more

Beauty Regimens Before and After Kids

Everyone always warns you when you’re pregnant that once the baby comes, “everything is going to change!” and it’s true. The relationship with our spouses and friends change, our bodies are different, our outlook on life is transformed…One thing that was unexpected, at least for me, was how my beauty routine would change as well. Looking back, my rituals pre-kids seem luxurious and pampering. Now, they’re pretty much nonexistent. Here are five ways my beauty routine has changed since having kids:...more