If You're American and #cantbreathe, You May Be the Problem

This post can also be seen on Huffington Post. If you have yet to hear about Eric Garner, take a few minutes to google him, and hopefully to watch the video of how he died.  I think it's important for all of us, as human beings, to see what went down.  I'm not going to write about my opinion on the ruling in this post, rather, I'm going to write about how YOU, citizens of the United States, are actually part of this problem....more

Dear Mom

This post can also be viewed on Huffington Post.Dear Mom,How are you, Mom? I'm doing well. The art of letter writing is almost obsolete, so I decided to sit down and write to you today....more

Happiest Wife on the Block

Being a mother is the hardest job in the world.  How many times have you heard that one?    Yes, it is hard, but do you know what's harder?  Being a wife.  Being a wife is the hardest job in. the. world....more

Good Grief

To see the original post, click here   ...more

My 30 Day Challenge

It was almost 1.5 years ago that I wrote this post on being married for 5 years.  What made me think of it?  Well, I had a bunch of girls over a couple of weeks ago, and we were talking about how long everyone was married….when it came around to my turn, all the ladies that have been married for longer said, "about 7 years.  Have you felt the itch?"...more

I'm a Stay at Home Mom. Shoot Me.

This is a repost from a year ago.  I now have three kids.  Lots more poop.  Lots more laundry.  Lots more love and lots more "shoot me" moments.  For the full post, click here.  or http://wp.me/s2sc71-285 ...more

Persian Meatballs - GONDI

This recipe is so easy, healthy and delicious.  High in protein and low in fat.  Kids love it, too! Click here for the full page:http://wp.me/P2sc71-bD...more

Guilt, Loss, Love

FOR FULL POST, CLICK HERE **MrsMuffinTop preface:  This will be my last post on the death of my mom.  This specific topic has bothered me for a while and I needed to see if anyone else out there could relate.  After this, I will go back to my usual nonsensical humorous topics* ...more

Entry and Exit

I am about three weeks way from my due date, and my husband and kids are very excited to meet and welcome this new life into our home.  I am also excited, the most I've been out of all three kids (so far). It's a pleasant change, to not complain about how hard the end of pregnancy is, given that I was so miserable the last two times.  As I come to the end of my pregnancy, ready to give new life, my mother in Toronto is coming to the end of her life, with each day seemingly in more pain and depression than the previous....more

2013 or 1953?