You've Cried and Prayed, Now What?

NegroesSweet and docileMeek, humble, and kindBeware the dayThey change their mind~ Langston Hughes...more

BlogHer 15: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

BlogHer 2015, the blogging conference from BlogHer and SheKnows Media, is a wrap. This was my first BIG blogger conference, and while I decompress from my trip I thought I would write out my first thoughts. The Good. * New York City, duh! I'm still in love with the city that never sleeps at night. * All the people I got to meet IRL (in real life). ...more


As the previews for the Fox TV show Empire flashed across my screen, I dismissed it as another attempt to portray "us" as the stereotypical music business folks. I was getting my panties in a bunch, chip on shoulder, lamenting that Hollywood thinks all African-Americans do are rap and sell drugs. Closer to the series premiere, I couldn't shake the image of Taraji P. Henson snarling "I want half my company back" as she flicked her white fur coat. Then Hozier's "Take Me to Church" became my shower song, me belting it out to the chagrin of my sleeping family. ...more

Bring Back Our Girls

Thoughtful ThursdayWhile I fret over whether The Teen has enough WiFi to take my Skype call/check-in, in Nigeria, another mother is wondering if she will see her Teen again. My Gloria shares the name of one of the missing girls. My Gloria will be home in a day, driving me nuts with the sound of her TV shows and late night phone calls. A mother in Nigeria is praying that she gets a chance to scold her Gloria for being too noisy at night; hoping she can hold her daughter once again. My heart is heavy thinking that over 200 girls have gone missing....more

Living With Depression

I don’t know anyone who hasn’t had THAT day. A day full of sadness, loneliness, and the blues. I have had many of those day. Trudging up the steps to the house like I had to do battle, I would have a hasty and distracted chat with my son about school, slap something together for dinner, then find myself disappearing in a book, binge watching TV, or laying in a darkened room wondering at the insanity of doing this again the next day. I had lived this so long that it became normal....more
I found this to be so helpful. Thank youmore

How to Talk to Tweens About Tragedy

Middle school was a challenging time for me and The Teen. Overnight my daughter morphed into a young woman who had boys nervously calling the house and she demanded a privacy I only read about in my young adult novels. She would prefer to spend hours in her room writing poems and journaling rather than join the family downstairs. Not only was she more private, she got that stinky attitude that Tweens adopt. Not quite a Teen, not quite a baby, her awkwardness translated to poor grades and me thinking about how I could send her to live with my in-laws in Virginia....more

NanoWriMo or NaBloWriMo?

What ever it is, it's freaking November. It's been a while that I noticed a calendar and realized that a month had flashed by so quickly. Oy vey. I swear I was just sweating the big Four Oh and now I'm plotting how to add Butternut Squash Soup with a Pumpkin Seed garnish to my Thanksgiving Day meal. One good thing about the month flashing by so quickly, it's thatmuch closer to Election Day (NOVEMBER 5th!) and thatmuch closer to The Teen returning home for holiday....more

School Dazed

Blogging for Good

Motivation Monday  Real change seldom comes by waiting for someone else to bring it. It is up to us. What can *YOU* change?"~ Senator-Elect Cory Booker aka My Boo in head only ...more