Drink More Green: Organic Booze

Eating an organic diet doesn’t have to mean giving up mixed drinks. I’m sure you know about the growing popularity of organic food and wine but did you know the availability of organic spirits are also expanding?...more
Yum these look really tasty! I'm putting this post in my bookmark bar for future reference! ...more

Environmentalist in Oklahoma: Against the Grain

I was born and raised in rural Oklahoma, in a town of around 17,000 people. Oklahoma is known for things like rodeos, country music, the Dust Bowl, the oil and natural gas, and for being one of the reddest states, politically, in the U.S. Oklahoma is not known as being a very progressive or eco-friendly state. My Senator, Sen. Inhofe is even one of the biggest climate deniers in U.S. politics....more
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Stop Mountaintop Coal Mining

We mine over a billon tons of coal every year in the United States. Around 20 percent of that comes from central Appalachia, where a type of coal mining called mountaintop coal mining is used for about 95 percent or more of the strip-mining. This form of mining is full of controversy and for good reason. ...more
@AVeryGoodYear @blogher what annoys me is how everyone attacks coal, but no one says a word ...more

Plastic bags aren't that big of a deal right?

Seems crazy right, something so easy like taking your own bag to the store could make such a huge difference. I knew the difference was big but when I started to research the subject and learned it's a much bigger difference than I ever could have guessed.Studies show 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are wasted every year! 100 billion of those are from the U.S. On average each person uses 500 bags a year. ...more

That's great! Keep up the great work. I have two of those bags as well, so cute. more

For purple mountain majesties, above the fruited plain....


We are so focused on gas and oil that we completely miss this flip side of the coal ...more