What not to say..

What I want you to know about miscarriage. At 25 my husband and I found out on mothers day that I was pregnant. I had woken up at 6ish that morning stumbling into the bathroom, I hardly remember opening up the packing of the pregnancy test. Next thing I know there are two lines, running into the bedroom, literally kicking my husband yelling at him telling him to get up. "Get up, I'm pregnant, and going to store." I said. He said "huh? what? okay, wait why are you going to the store." He confusingly replied. "Did you not hear me" I quipped back....more

One Day

The hubby and I drove around the beach with the boys, checking out the homes chatting about what ifs, maybes, and some days....more
I'm the same way.  I'll kill myself to prepare the perfect dinner and get the house sparkling ...more

A families quest for a baby.


Dear Pregnancy

Dear Pregnancy I feel like we have come to a point in our relationship that I can speak freely with you. I have decided I really am not a fan of yours. Actually, I just don't like you, at all. I know your a joy, a blessing, a moment I'll never get back, but I'm not buying it. Now before you get all offended let me tell you I am really happy and excited about Holden. I have never been more thrilled about the future and my son. But, you, well you still suck....more