I Am the Woman of This Household

Yesterday, I felt sorry for myself. Almost all day, really. I moped and whined. I felt insignificant, unwanted, and without purpose. I felt as though I had become a mere fixture in our household to keep it running, to wipe noises, and to clean pizza off floors. I was tired, on the verge of a cold, and worn down. Hormones surged through my body as I adjusted to weaning. I was pathetic and self-indulgent and annoying. And maybe I deserved to be for once, as I try my damnedest to be a good, strong woman for the men of my house. But it wasn’t helpful, and it wasn’t healthy, and it wasn’t productive....more
This is just what I need to hear . . . and remember.more

A Decision Made

As we walked through the quiet of the intramural fields, I found myself questioning everything....more

When Fate Gets Its Way

 I stood, staring at myself in the full-length mirror. Denim shorts about four inches too short, a plaid shirt so tight the buttons threatened to pop off exposing the red bra underneath, big hair, dark make-up, and my favorite pair of cowboy boots stared back at me. I felt ridiculous.“Is it too much?”I turned to my roommate, Anna, a little pixie of a girl with a whirlwind of a personality and a smile that lit up a room. She looked at me like I was crazy....more

You are Deserving

  Yesterday was my first really hard day with the two boys. If Sully wasn’t crying, Arlo was. When one was hungry, well, so was the other. Dirty diapers? Exact same moment. And no one wanted to wait. When Taylor walked in the door, I felt relief flood me. I try not to brag on Taylor too often. I can feel eyes rolling through the computer when I gush over my husband. But sometimes, I absolutely have to. He took over. Sully was fed, both boys were bathed, and stories were read while I pumped and then had a glass of wine....more

Be a man.

Yesterday, I snuggled Sully on the couch as he relaxed and took his bottle before his nap. Yes, he still takes a bottle. I just can't give up the sweet time I get with him. So selfishly, I rocked with him and watched as he fell into a milk coma. When he was ready, I carried him to his room. He nuzzled into my chest with his sweet hands clutching my shirt. He's much bigger than a baby, but sometimes, I still get baby time. He sighed with contentment as I laid him in his crib....more

who treats women with chivalry, kindness, and courtesy - be sure he understands that feminism is ...more

How marriage changes with a new baby.

When you're pregnant for the first time, everyone gives you the side-eye and says, "This baby is going to change your life and your marriage forever. FOREVER." In cynical tones, they describe the horrors of nighttime feedings, the distance you feel from you spouse, the way this child is going to be your entire world, and how things will never, ever be the same. And they're right...in some ways. But what I really wish is that the cynical tones and horror stories would stop. It's almost as though society sets up us for failure in our marriages after a child is born....more