A few ways the #Grammys could have made social media Great

I know social media isn’t normally my subject here. But did you see the Grammys?   If you don’t follow social media much it may have seemed like LL Cool J knew something about Twitter. He sure dropped the word “hashtag” a lot and told people to interact with him. However, if you’ve ever used Twitter, it kind of seemed like “what on earth?”   ...more

And then we did laundry

This is what the laundry room looked like when we bought our house. Well, there were doors on the cabinets, but this is what the laundry hook-ups were. Fun, right? You can’t see one of the plugs because there’s hole on that side wall and that’s where it goes. So weird ....more


The 2013 resolutions are done. I’m writing them down and taping them to the mirror. It probably won’t be all sorts of cute or scrap-booked  But if I see them every day, I will remember the motivation behind the goal. I’m a big believer that a goal not written down is not a goal. I always separate my goals into three categories — personal, family and professional. I have goals at work and milestones that I want to accomplish professionally. Setting ...more

A happy break (and some advice)


A store called Surprise

We spent a lovely holiday weekend in Southern Utah. And when I want to totally detox, I put my mind elsewhere. In this case, window shopping on St. George’s Main Street. My brain is in a constant rush so sitting still doesn’t work. But window shopping is perfect. ...more

I need a win.

Sometimes you keep going and going and then you pause and you are all “dude, why does it feel like I am wading through mud?” I realized last week that I need a win. Of some sort. And then it hit me that it was a long weekend. And I got excited. And since some wins you can control, and some you can cannot, I’m taking this long weekend as a win. Hopefully we don’t have some sort of disaster ....more

Oh, snow

This has been happening for the past 24 hours. I swear it is going to snow more this weekend than it snowed all of last year. We just had this conversation: Me: look it isn’t snowing for a minute! Hurry go get food! Husband: well now you got me into this show. ...more

The DIY gene

Since moving into the new house, we’ve refinished a dresser, two nightstands, a coffee table and we have a bed in the garage that is awaiting a coat of paint.   And now we are actively considering staining our kitchen cabinets with a darker stain and repainting the whole house grey. I really don’t have the DIY gene — I compare it to a girl with curly hair that hates it. At least that makes sense to me. You style ...more

Half the Sky

Have you heard about PBS’ Half the Sky documentary? It’s a two-part look on issues facing women around the world, based on a book by the same name. Rape, sex trafficking, lack of education, inequality in so many ways. Domestic violence, child abuse. It’s rampant ....more