Looking forward to Planes

Yesterday was my last day of my week I had planned to drag myself around getting all the things done. Unfortunately it didn’t entirely work but I am a lot more ready for someone to arrive in a couple of weeks. We had lunch next to my local movie theatre and my son asked over and over to go to the movies, and over and over I told him there just wasn’t any for kids at the time. Which is ...more

Minted is announcing the baby

Disclaimer : Minted is providing me a credit to their website in exchange for this post. No other compensation is being oven. All opinions are my own. After watching a friend try to deal with the new craziness of a three-year-old and a newborn to take care of, I have realized the more I can get done, the better. Not only am I going to schedule bills (I am the banker in the house) and make freezer meals (currently being ...more

Marie Callender’s Pie and Pasta Amore

Disclaimer: Marie Callender’s invited me to try out their new menu at a local location. No other compensation was given. All opinions are my own. Part of the reason why SoCal Lady Bloggers was started was to make it easy for bloggers to find other bloggers, including us out in the IE to find other bloggers and not have to hike to LA for everything ....more

Favorite seat in the house

We got it for a steal being the floor model at our local Babies R Us. It still had all of the plastic on and was barely dirty, so we ran it home and placed the final piece in our nursery for Wonder Boy. Almost 4 years later it is being used again, and instead of a giant Lightning McQueen pillow to sooth an aching back, it has a different look. Same comfy chair. Still my favorite place.   ...more

It’s a Monday

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Judging by the eyes

I could feel someone looking at me as I sat and chatted with my grandmother and son at our favorite Thai restaurant. This is somewhere Wonder Boy has gone to for years- and mixed in with the people at business lunches or simultaneously plugging into their laptops is a mix of ladies who lunch and occasional other kids ....more

a second scar to heal the first

I spent the whole month of April living cesarean awareness month and not talking about it. The lack of writing I’ve done lately on my blog is in direct correlation with the crazy my life can take coupled with a need to pay attention to my son while he is still the only one here. April is cesarean awareness month- something I feel gets overrun by other subjects but, yet, one in three births is by casarean here in the US. As ...more

Pissed at the TV news

I only watched five minutes of the news this morning. All it took is a roundabout grasp on tying in the Boston bombing suspects with Al-Queda and I was done. I have watched TV news struggle a lot the last few months. With Newtown, journalists repeated little snatches of information, leaving a lot of backpedaling only minutes later and people crying out conspiracy theories to a coverup of the actual situation ....more

A party for the baby

A party for the baby!?! He exclaimed. I knew then to be careful- Wonder Boy has been excited about a baby brother since he found out I was going to have one, so so long ago for him. I had kept it a secret even when I had horrendous morning sickness and, now that his little bestie has just had HIS baby brother, my son was even more excited for his. He loved to poke my belly and tell people that his mommy ...more

My bellybutton

Last pregnancy Wonder Boy shifted my belly button slightly to the side due to an anterior placenta and for years I have stared at its slightly askew stance on my abdomen. Well, his legacy continues on with this pregnancy, with another anterior placenta off to the right, therefore, I feel ALL of my baby’s movements on the left hand side. Every kick, every shove, every wobble is off to one side ....more