When Parenting Fails Become Miraculous Moments

My husband and I are "those people" with their cell phones constantly in hand. Once I came to that realization, I tried to implement some boundaries with cell phone usage at home, especially when our little one is around - so as to avoid having regular parenting fails.No phones are allowed during meal time and bed/story time. I'm trying to scale it back even further, but I admit that it's not easy!...more

6 Reasons Why You Need a Man Like Pharrell Williams

 Music producer extraordinaire, Pharrell Williams is all over the internet right now. Most posts are poking fun at the bucket size hat that he wore to the Grammy's, but this one will be a little different.I hear and see a ton of discussion on what makes a man the ideal mate. Some women have lists that span across multiple pages in their journals on what their "future husband" should look like (mmm-hmm - I'm looking at you!)....more

3 Reasons Why Conversation is The Best Foreplay

When you’re in a serious relationship — long after the butterflies have flown away and the honeymoon stage is over, things can get boring. One key way to keep things fresh is to remain mindful of how you communicate with one another. Nothing compares to the amazing feeling of being able to sit down and have a good conversation about the serious, silly, and simple things with the one you love. ...more
@RebeccaRaige You are not alone, Rebecca! Marriage takes work by itself, so to be happily ...more

Robin Thicke Gives Great Dating Advice: Don't Be Boring!

 Robin Thicke is usually known for his soulful singing and sexy lyrics. I mean, his fourth album was called “Sex Therapy” for goodness sake! But what you may (or may not) be surprised to know is that he offers a great piece of  dating advice (that goes beyond the bedroom) on his last album, “Love After War.” ...more

Blogging is the new Mary Kay

This is my fourth year as a blogger and I’m learning so many new things about what that title really means. I write under the label of a ‘mommy blogger’ because this, my second blog, was inspired by my pregnancy last year. It has been a vehicle to share my pregnancy, birth, and life as a first time mom (plus whatever else my little heart desires!).  I’ve connected with people from all over the U.S. with this blog and am still expanding that network through communities like BlogHer.com....more
I've been thinking about combining the two! I started selling Mary Kay in July and LOVE it. Who ...more

A Letter to the Wife of an Unemployed Man

Dear Wife of an Unemployed Man, You don't have to tell me how tough it's been because I completely understand. It's been a long time now and you're tired. You keep wondering when it will be over. When will it finally be over? When will things change? Everything about your life seems to be one big question mark. And you hate that....more
This is just beautiful. I'm writing a book that should be published by the end of the year on ...more

More than Milk: A Breastfeeding Story

 Right now my precious baby girl is sound asleep after having just had a warm bottle of milk that didn’t come from my breast. No big deal, right? Right. It’s hard to believe that just two weeks ago the thought of that happening was a VERY. BIG. DEAL....more

Sometimes I Cry: A Letter to my Daughter

Dear Natty-Bear, Welcome to the world, sweetheart! This is my first letter to you since you arrived and changed everything about my life just over three weeks ago. I can’t believe it has been that long already. Everyday you change more and more. Your eyes are big, beautiful and wide – I love staring into them as you open them more each day. I love you so much. So. Very. Much. Even though I’m super tired some days, every morning I can’t wait to see your face and hold you and kiss you....more

GASP! A rant about stretch marks.

Ugh! Today I discovered a another dreaded part of pregnancy. This list of “make me miserables” just seems to grow by the day! I. have. stretch. marks. Ensue rant....more

Confessions of a Facebook Junkie

After spending what I felt was entirely too much wasted time on Facebook, I had the brilliant idea to deactivate my page the yesterday. You can deactivate temporarily or permanently, just with a click of a button. I went the temporary route because of course, I have no intentions of leaving FB forever *whodoesthat?*. ...more

You absolutely can do it!It takes a little adjusting, but it's certainly possible. Now that I'm ...more