Celebrating Small Victories

Today I want to talk about celebrating the small victories.  ...more

Valentine 7 Layer Finger Jello

One of the first fun things I did with Zoe when I moved in was to make stripped finger Jell-O for her. She was impressed with the rainbow colors and at that point thought I was the best step-mom ever. ...more

Little Hookers and Whores

 A pinterst user called all cheerleaders "little professional hookers and whores" and called into question their purity and integrity. I had to respond, my daugher is cheerleader, and a virgin. ...more

I am Not a Bimbo and I Won't Play One to Get Ahead

Can I ask a question?  Of course I can, it’s my blog.Why do some women feel the need to dumb themselves down in order to be taken seriously?Nothing annoys me more, (well, ok, maybe a few things do, but this? This really annoys me) than women who are very intelligent but feel the need to play the dumb bimbo.  Women work hard enough to be taken seriously, to prove that we are as good as, as smart as, worth as much as a man.  And yet, there are women out there who are dumbing it down, playing the bimbo, and being successful because of it.  ...more

It Takes A Special Kind of Mother: Bad Parenting Decisions

Have you heard the latest?  There’s a new outrage being talked about in not so quiet voices, about the latest leader in the Mother of the Year race.  This one beats the beauty pageant mom who admitted to using Botox on you little girl.  This one even tops the tanorexic  mom who reportedly took her daughter into the tanning room with her.  This mom, really is your have eaten lately, you might want to come back.  This mom, took her twin daughters to a restaurant for lunch.  Not a fast food grab and go restaurant....more

The Things I Want to Say About the Bullying of My Daughter

I want to say the bullying my daughter has suffered this school year has stopped.I don't like to lie.I want to say that it has lightened up.I can't even say that.I want to say that the bully got the message, and she's backing off.The truth is, just the opposite it true.  It has escalated.  It's bordering on stalking now....more
You have my sympathy and my prayers. The first thing you should do is know the law, it sounds to ...more

When it Comes to Bullying, How Responsible are the Parents?

Here we are just a few short weeks from the end of school.  I thought we were going to make it, but apparently I was wrong.  See we have a bully in our neighborhood.  Most of the moms have agreed (ok, me and the neighbor) that it is not all her fault.  After all, he home life is far from optimal, with a single mom who doesn’t always parent her.  We have tried to cut her some slack, we have put up with a lot from her, and so have our daughters....more
It does have to stop and I am glad you made some noise with the school. Hopefully, they will ...more

Relevancy, Is it Really Relevant Any More?

So I was desperately searching for something relevant to write about while at the same time avoiding the land minds in the media these days.  Do you remember the days before the 24 hour news feed? You know when Walter Cronkite or Dan Rather only had 30 minutes to give us the world news and therefore had to pick the most relevant stories to report? When we didn't have to know every single bit of news the minute it happened?...more

With All Due Respect to Jackie DeShannon, What the World Needs Now is Tolerance

With all due respect to Jackie DeShannon, what the world needs now is not so much love, sweet love, but actually tolerance.  And a whole effing lot of it....more

Using My Own Words to Discuss Plagiarism

My daughters are in 6th and 9th grade.  I know that every year for the past four years they have had at least one report/project of some sort due during the school year.  Sometimes I find out a week in advance, sometimes I find out hours in advance.  Either way, I help when I’m needed, but I make them do their own work.  (and by help I mean I rush to the store and buy everything they need to complete said project and try to find stuff that will work so I don’t have to drive 45 minutes to the nearest Targe...more