The Death of Adrian Peterson’s Son and Why It’s Not Okay to Name Names

The death of Adrian Peterson’s two-year old son is tragic enough. The two-year old boy was allegedly beaten by Joseph Patterson, boyfriend of the boy’s mother on Wednesday evening. After being taken off life support on Friday, the little boy passed away. Patterson was charged with aggravated assault on Friday; however, his court appearance occurred before the boy passed away.  The states’ attorney in Lincoln County, South Dakota is considering adding more serious charges. Local news outlets have reported that both first and second degree murder are on the table....more

Yet Another Open Letter to the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch

Dear Mr. Jeffries,...more

What I Learned About America from the Chik-fil-a Kerfluffle

I don't normally talk about current events or politics on this blog because I just don't. But this Chik-fil-a thing has gotten out of hand. It's a good example of how the adults in this country have devolved into spoiled little children....more

Other People's Comments

This post isn’t about comments on my blog or whoring for more comments on my blog.  This post isn’t about some big fat meanie who left a bad comment or a comment I saw somewhere else that made me roll my eyes and say “Are you kidding me?”  This post is about me leaving comments on other people’s blogs.I participate in a few link-ups and blog hops.  It is encouraged that when you link up, you visit other participants, read, and perhaps leave a comment.However, when I go to another person’s blog and I try to leave a comment, my comments never show up....more

Where's the Humanity

Last week was not a very good week for me.  I had another panic attack on Monday.  I’d been stressing out about money, or our lack thereof lately.   Thinking about this more than I should is a hallmark of someone with chronic and debilitating anxiety.I think about the money we don’t have because I’m not making very much yet from freelancing.  So then I think, “Self, maybe it’s time to get a part-time job.”   I have nothing against work or working part-time.  The problem is that I’m terrified to do so....more
I couldn't agree with you more. What is lacking in our national conversation is any grace of ...more

The Clock

 Last fall, I went back to Wisconsin to visit family and I came home with a clock.  It’s a wooden clock that sat on top of my grandparents’ television set for as long as I could remember.  It’s the grandfather of the digital clocks we all know today.  The clock has a wooden body; so very late 1960s and early 1970s in decor.  The numbers “flip” when the minutes change. ...more

The Fallacy That Skinny People Don't Need to Lose Weight

This is was originally posted on September 13, 2009.  At the time, I was 20 pounds overweight and looking to lose it, so I joined  Since then, I lost, then gained, and then gained some more. I am reposting this for those who are new to my blog.  Plus, it's interesting to go back and see how much I've changed since then....more

My Take on Feminism

I consider myself a feminist.  I believe that men and women should be paid the same for doing the same work.  I believe that a woman should be valued for her character and intelligence than for her looks.  I believe that a woman should have a choice between having a career and staying home to raise a family and not be demonized or put down for that choice.  I believe it is the woman’s right to choose whether or not she keeps a baby, gives the baby up for adoption, or terminates the pregnancy.   Most of all, I believe that a woman should be treated with dignity ...more

Being the Mirror

After a series of life changing events (or as I like to call them a Swift and Hard Kick in the Ass from Karma. Karma was wearing a pair of pointed toe stiletto 6 inch pumps; by the way.  I didn’t bother to check if they were Louboutins, but I like to think that my Karma has good taste in shoes.), I’ve come to realize that my true purpose in life is that of Truth Teller.  I know this contradicts what I said in a previous post about how writing was my true purpose,...more

Confessions of an MMORPG Widow

I've hooked up with Shell at Things I Can't Say for Pour Your Heart out Wednesday.  ...more
Those games are so not designed for moderation. They just simply aren't. I'm so glad that ...more