This is what family does

 Last month I flew home for three days to help my family do a spruce up of our childhood home. I come from a family of 11 – yes ELEVEN – kids from the same set of biological parents. We were raised Catholic. I have my own set of excuses I like to give for how 11 kids came about… “My mom was Catholic and my dad was easy…”, “My dad was in the navy, so my mom got pregnant every time he came home”… “I was adopted.” You get the idea.Our family home is on the market, but was in dire need of serious attention, so, off I went....more

5 (Ms. Cheevious) Ways To Subdue or Avoid a Mugger

This article was originally posted on Ms. Cheevious.-------------...more

Golden Globes and...ahem..."Quirky" People

Watching the Golden Globes and…ahem…”Quirky” People interact with each other on network television during this year’s show was pretty fun for me, and I’ll tell you why....more

How to Deliver Kids to the World That Don't Suck

This article was originally posted on as part of the "Lessons Learned While Conquering the World" series.  Enjoy. --------------------I sat down at the end of week-one of my glorious vacation to Manchester By the Sea, MA, just 30 miles North of Boston (visiting the family of M.C. Nugget), to write this quick article....more

Lessons Learned While Conquering the World - #1 Over-Committing is a Bitch

In honor of BLOGHER, of which, I sadly won't be a part this year.  Have fun everyone!  =================...more

What Can Be Learned About Authenticity From the TomKat Split

I’m not often one to draw from celebrity news when I write, especially the unfortunate or heartbreaking scenarios of a-list celebrities that often play out in the public arena.  But I recently found myself reading an article on the painful and unhappy split of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. ...more
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The “Be the Gorgeous You In This Moment” Nugget

Last night I was sitting in front of the big screen (the “big screen” is my iMac, which tends to enthrall me to the point of complete absorption far too often) recording a vlog for the week, when I noticed that I’ve somehow developed a panda eye.  PANDA EYE people! EEEEeeee!...more

Is there Such a Thing as "Almost" Date Rape?

I take the hard-line on any such questions of "rape," even when it is softened (if that's even possible) with words like "almost" or "sort of." Most websites and support groups define any sort of rape as forced sex, but what about forced submission? What about when the victim is bruised (physically and psychologically)? Does that count? Does holding them down, rendering them helpless, and threatening them should they move or make a sound count?...more
@MsCheevious Onward & upward! I'll drink to that. :)more

It's Time to Delve Into Twelve

If you’re at all like me, you found yourself simply cruising through the holidays, way back in 2011, just trying to survive. Thoughts of resolutions were the furthest things from your mind. More important to deal with were the little (or not so little) family dramas, the last minute shopping, wrapping gifts (or handing out dreidels)  and the burnt cookies....more

The First Delve Into 12 with Ms. Cheevious

 I decided to do a New Year's Resolution Post.  Well, a Youtube friend @SooperChorus prompted me to... So, I thought long and hard, and put together this little video.  Please click on it, sign in to YouTube (not a member? It's time, my friend...  It's definitely time.), and post a comment!  There is something in it for you if you're a blog-her gal!  But read on!...more