God Slipped in Through the Kitchen Window

The first warm day in quite some time, yet it's overcast and gray. I lose track of where the time has gone, absorbed in this and that. Body on auto pilot as I move throughout the house. Hands reach out to fold more towels, to pull sheets tight on each bed. I organize the disorganization. My actions predictable, yet in the stillness of the day I break out of routine only for small moments. I pause, I hear, I have heard you before.  I shake you off, telling myself I will get to you later.  Time keeps moving forward, and so do I. ...more

Suburban Night

It's night and I am driving.  Leaving behind the whirlwind of the day. Eyes cautiously scan the road ahead. My grip tightens on the wheel as the world outside blurs and fades behind me. Replaying, reexamining, repeating, repeating, repeating, repeating.... Strange shadows blend into the line of trees just beyond the road, anxiety rises. Where am I going? I am energy cutting through the night and it feels good. A restless soul reaching out for a sympathetic ear.  ...more

Somewhere Between the Want to Do's and Have to Do's

So it's late and it has been a few days of thinking and rethinking of what would be the first words I'd type. What story to tell, what moment to explain and how to express something, anything in an interesting or meaningful way. Words. They have weaved in and out of my thoughts as I have folded laundry. Poetry, what makes a poem? I have made attempts at poetry quietly in my mind on my drive to pick up my oldest from Kindergarten. It is in this one quiet moment of the day that I am able to be a part of all that is around me. ...more