After the demise of DOMA, what's next for legally married GLBT's living in a state that does not recognize their union

Well, boys and girls, we've made some progress.  The Supreme Court declared portions of DOMA unconstitutional, paving the way for many legally married gays and lesbians to access a host of federal benefits that they had previously been denied.  As an "until recently married" lesbian, I did not realize the full extent of DOMA, ie. that it affected over 1000 federal statutes....more


So on Friday, August, 2nd, we were able to get the full scoop from Nicky's doctor.  She had an infection that was running rampant due to the large amount of sugar in her blood.  This was on top of the diabetes.  The doc said most likely the infection was causing septecemia, causing her blood sugar to rise and fall, and making her dizzy.  In otherwords, Nicky really was sick...(sometimes it is very difficult to convince her she needs to see a doctor when she is not feeling well!)....more

On the plus side, on the minus side

On the road to accountability...I want to share the good as well as the bad. On the plus side we've cooked every night this week - definitely a first for us in a long while. (Ok mostly Nicky cooked and I ate...). On the minus side - one word...CARBS. What a doozy of a word it is. I'm learning that carbs are an important part of the diabetes equation...namely controlling your intake. Unfortunately, carbs are my favorite food group. Today, for example, my breakfast, lunch and snack included two soft pretzels, a small bag of chips and a sandwich with two pieces of bread....more

ms.equality's search for "lifestyle changes"

So, I can't believe it has been 4 months since I've posted.  In that time, we've had the AMAZING SCOTUS decision declaring a portion of DOMA unconstitutional!!!!  I don't think I have ever been so excited.  In my eyes, even though we live in Virginia, my partner Nicky and I are MARRIED.  The federal government has accepted this proposition by allowing me to apply for and receive federal health benefits for Nicky (and the health benefit card came to our house with amazing speed)....more

SCOTUS on Prop 8 and DOMA

Yesterday, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments for and against California's Prop....more

Calling all Lesbian Wedding Vendors, especially in the DC area!

So, my partner and I recently married (last weekend) and I realize now that one thing that I would have liked was to work with lesbian wedding vendors.  Please don't misunderstand, all of our vendors were truly wonderful and none of them batted an eye that we were two women getting married...I would just love to have patronized lesbian wedding vendors and I didn't really know where to start looking for them (I did use sites such as, equallywed, and engayged; however, I found that most listed vendors were gay/lesbian-friendly). I would love to put together a list...more

Wedding DJ: Bialek's Music, Rockville, MD (Review)

There was so much involved in the planning of our wedding.  I really didn't know where to begin.  Never having been to a wedding in DC and never having planned a wedding, I turned to weddingwire, weddingbee, gayweddings, the knot and other such websites to read reviews for DJ's and other vendors.  When I met with the wedding coordinator at the Washington Plaza, she also had recommendations for vendors.  Our wedding coordinator has been in the business for 18 years and for most of that time she has worked with Ray at Bialek's music.  I took that recommendation to hea...more

Wedding Venue: The Washington Plaza Hotel, Washington DC (Review)

Nicky and I chose to host our wedding ceremony, cocktail hour and reception at the Washington Plaza Hotel in Washington DC.  The Plaza evokes fond memories for us both, as we often spend a weekend ensconced in one of their lovely suites just to "get away" from the drudgery of chores and laundry. Our wedding coordinator at the Plaza was Beverly Houston.  Beverly has been a wedding coordinator for 18 years and her experience was evident from our first meeting.  She knew all of the right questions to ask, including questions I had not even thought of.  Our firs...more
Hi Ms. Equality,  Congrats on your wedding! It sounded like a beautiful day. This review is ...more

Wedded bliss

So, on Sunday my partner Nicky and I were married in Washington DC.  All the worry was for naught.  It was a gorgeous, gorgeous day.  It truly was the happiest day of my life.  It was so exciting to have my father walk down the aisle, to be supported and loved by family and friends, to be told repeatedly that you look beautiful and that Nicky looks handsome. I was nervous for a total of 10 minutes while I was waiting in my room alone for the wedding coordinator to come and get me for the ceremony.  And my dear friends and bridesmaids, sensing my nervousness,...more