Two Down -- Now What?

“Are you getting rid of your ex-husband’s last name?” they ask. “I don’t have his last name,” I answer. “So Conner is your maiden name?” “No.” And then I get the confused look, and I have to heavily sigh and explain the stupidity of my early adulthood. “It’s my first ex-husband’s last name,” I say with a slight groan. “..oh. Oh. Oh! You were married BEFORE?!” is usually their response. ...more

What A BlogHer '11 Newbie Learned

I will be the first to admit that I went to BlogHer '11 with little expectations out of getting anything out it. All I knew is that I had fellow bloggers that I wanted to meet a mere six hours away, so I had to be there. Even though that did happen, I got so much more out of my time in San Diego that I expected. So here is my experience as a BlogHer newbie. ...more