Sew Thankful-30 Days of Thanksgiving Gifts

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year to show how thankful you are.  We love to make and give gifts so to celebrate Thanskgiving we are sharing 30 Days of Thanksgiving Gifts.  Each day we are featuring Craft Tutorials, Holiday Tutorials, Recipes, Homemade products, and Giveaways you can enter.   30 Days of Gifts @ Sewlicious Home Decor ...more

How To Make Perfect Meringue

Meringue is not as hard as it looks! Just follow a few simple steps and yours will be perfect! First start out with 2-3 eggs that are 3-4 days old. Separate the egg yolks so that your egg whites are clean and there is NO yolk in the egg whites. The smallest amount will ruin the egg whites. Bring the egg whites to room temperature for 20 minutes before beating. Room temperature egg whites will foam 6-8 more times it’s original volume then cold eggs. ...more

Peppermint Valentine Hearts


Pom Pom Wreaths