Celebrating My Independents

 Once upon a time, I wrote a book by accident. A friend had suffered a sneak-attack breakup -- you know, one of those simple conversations of, "Gee, honey, if you're going to be late for dinner, please let me know," that somehow ends with him saying, "This just isn't working out." I went right over to her place when she was still red and raw, and watched her do all the things I did wrong that didn't help, and the things that friends did wrong that didn't help, and I realized we women do a lot of stuff that doesn't help us get over a breakup, and maybe we should knock that off....more

Celebrating My Inner Diva

You would never know it to look at me. You might think there's a certain "type", but you would be wrong. I mean, I have never milked an almond, a Birkenstock has never come near my foot, and I've failed multiple times at being a vegan because: lobster and cake. I am not a crunchy granola kind of gal (not that there's anything wrong with that), so it was a surprise to me that my most hippy-ish friend blanched when I told her that I love my inner Diva. Cup that is. Yes, I am a Diva Cup convert. ...more

How to Make a Movie...and Why Independent Film Takes a Village

I've had friends tell me, "You are so lucky you know what you want to do." I've had people say, "I admire you for following your dream." And I've had others who've said, "I'll get check. You can pay me back later." Because, you see, pursuing a dream -- while it sounds very glamorous -- isn't exactly lucrative, at least not in the beginning...and that 'beginning' can stretch over a number years.  Backstory ...more

Getting Over Your Ex: Ground Rules

It's over. But before you can heal, you need to make some promises to yourself. Raise your hand and repeat after me: I do hereby solemnly swear that I will not behave in the manner of a crazy ex-girlfriend. I will not participate in foolish or destructive behavior. I promise to act in a dignified fashion and that means I will not do stupid things, no matter how I might rationalize them. Therefore, I vow the following... ...more
I have been going through a great deal of psychological tension as well as depression after I ...more

Getting Over Him

About five years ago, I wrote a book -- A Sassy Little Guide to Getting Over Him -- and, truth be told, I've done next to nothing to promote the book. Don't get me wrong; I love the book and am very proud of it. I, like most of us, suck a self-promotion and would much rather focus my time and energy on new projects...especially if it helps me avoid self-promotion. Anyway, I just took a little time and created a commercial of sorts for the book. I hope you'll enjoy it and will pass it along. Because, in case I didn't mention it, I suck at self-promotion....more

I can't get the video to embed. Blerg. This is un-fun. xo


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Carpe Diem on a Bicycle

Two friends gave me an unexpected gift this Christmas: A Schwinn. A lovely, retro-inspired cruiser, replete with a basket and bell, in a sassy champagne color with white trim. The handles and saddle are black, and it reminds me of the Schwinn I had as a girl. My first "grown-up" bike. This was a sweet surprise of a treat. ...more

Happy upcoming birthday, Jenna! I hope you enjoy your cruiser as much as I do mine. Ride it ...more

From Script to Screen and Everything in Between

Things get pretty surreal when you get close to a life goal. About eighteen months ago, I dusted off my screenwriting career.  Well, that actually implies that I previously had a screenwriting "career".  No.  I had a lot of scripts, some that had gotten a bit of attention, but none that had gone all the way.  While we aren't quite "all the way" now, but we are super-duper close on the script that is my "baby", Black Coffee.  ...more


I'm still really new to BlogHer (LoveHer, though), so I don't know if there were any lengthy discussions when this all went down.  ...more

We So Rock!

I was just thinking as I was updating my blog, Twitter and Facebook, sending out work-related emails (and a few personal ones, too), answering the phone and texting on my BlackBerry:  How do we do it? ...more

Thanks, Sarah.  I raise my martini glass to you for being a mom.  Love your blog.  So sad ...more

Hello There

So, I'll admit, I've been in a bubble.  Slow to find my way here, but so glad I have.  This is merely a simple "Howdy" to introduce myself to all the lovely hers that blog.  After a few bumpy years, I'm back at mine:  RUAWAKE.  Hope you'll stop by.  Would love to Twitter with you, too.  Cheers, Sandra ...more

I like it so far.  Still finding my way around.  So far, haven't stubbed any toes.  Always a ...more