My Little Secret… Trojan Valentine’s Day Edition

 My Friday nights were never spent alone, especially on Valentine’s Day. This particular Friday I crept into my home to meet a gentleman before my husband arrived home.  A friend unknown to my public life that helps me sneak away into a world of ecstasy, with tricks unbeknownst to my body....more

The Mary Jane Syndrome

  Single females having an affair with a married man is happening more often than you may realize. Successful women with degrees, high-powered positions, nice car, nice homes and living the American Dream. The one thing that some of these powerful women may not have is a love of their own....more

MEN-ogamy= Monogamy

Not only does the milkshake bring the boys to the yard, so does monogamy. Truthfully, men can be a tad confusing, which is no secret, but this one really takes the cake. Isn’t it funny when you’re feeling lonely there seems to be no men available? Then once you’re in a relationship the buddies want to come from all directions. It almost feels like you’re wearing a new scent and their attraction starts to heighten. As you may know already men want what they can’t have which causes that fierce intrigue....more

10 Ways to Build Fierce Confidence by Taria Pritchett


How To Quickly Tell Your New Boo Isn’t The One For You by Jaha Knight

 In your quest for a new boo, you may or may not have overlooked the signs.  He had other redeeming qualities that made you think, this may be able to work.  Or you saw them right away and couldn’t wait to run.  Either way this is how to quickly tell that the new boo is not the one for you....more

Domestic Violence: No Longer Suffering In Silence


Domestic Violence: When Love Becomes Tainted by Larry Miller

 One in every four women will experience some form of domestic violence in her lifetime....more
Thanks for the clear and simple blog abut domestic violence.  I am making a piece of art about ...more

The Lady, The Woman, & The Bitch by The Gay Bestie

 When Steve Harvey released his book entitled, Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Ma...more