"No really, why are you single?"

  I've been dating a guy for the past several months and this is like the 100th time he has asked the question (well, maybe not 100 but it damn sure feels like it) "No really, why are you single?" My response....."cause I am" ...more

#ENMNCon14 Day 2 recap

 As the sun peeked over the horizon, it brought us to the start of another day. This will also be one of the longest days because it was filled with, sessions, a travel expo, and a screening of Moms Nite Out. You can read more over at Margs World.com http://bit.ly/1glKLruMargaret, Margs World...more

"and Ive got all my sistas with me..." #NaBloPoMo

 That line was from a song called "Ladies Night", a group of rappers  singing on a track about having a good time along with their friends and working together.  I was working on a project recently that was quiet successful with a group of women from Pushing Lovely a group of blogging women who are working to better themselves as writers. ...more

My favorite character….Claudine #NaBloPoMo

Growing up in Oakland back in the 70′s, I remember playing in the dirt lot next to my apartment complex while Dad would blast his music for the block to hear (I’m still a old school music lover to this day), sitting on the church steps across the street with my radio, playing with the neighbor’s dog, and hanging out in a tree in the back of my building just being still.Read the rest over at Margs World   ...more