Twig candle holder diy revisited

Bless you sweet ladies (and gents?) who still visit this little corner of the interwebs....more

You are always on my mind

Hi guys,...more

My DIY flocked Christmas tree

Hello sweet ladies. I must be the last one in all of blogland who is showing off their Christmas decorations. Have you been following along with all the Christmas house tours? ...more

Happy first Advent Wreath

Happy first Advent everyone! ...more

White Fall Decor

You knew I had to do it, didn't you! After all that color I added to my...more

Looking for a new normal

Hello sweet friends, Here are some beautiful pink roses for you! In honor of not having chatted for a while and I thought we would all enjoy a bit of pink lusciousness. Things have changed around here, which has me looking for a new normal ....more

Fall arrangement in green

Hello sweet ladies. Time sure does fly doesn't it?! Here I am looking at pictures of a little Fall vignette I did some time ago and I realize that not only is Fall already almost a month old, but in 10 Fridays it will be Christmas ....more

New design for Songbird

Hello all, So have you been over here, on the blog, ...more

Farmhouse Fall Mantel

Hello sweet ladies, Let me show you my first Fall decor of the year. I decided to start big so I...more

Come with me to beautiful Bali

Shall we go on a little trip? I know I just wrote how much I love Fall, but that doesn't mean that I don't miss the beach. I had a lot of beach this summer ....more