Got Hormones?

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If I Had My Own Talk Show...

MSQueen Talks!Does everyone get a talk show nowadays. People I have never even heard of have a talk show. Tyra Banks is giving out advice left and right about child rearing, marriage, health and what did she do for the past fifteen years? Oh, she was a model. Is she married? Does she have kids? Does she have a medical or journalism degree? No, you say. I am thinking I too am qualified for hosting a show. I can dress nice and talk. Apparently that is the only requirement....more

Watch Your Own Lane of Traffic!

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Help the School Secretary Help You

It has been awhile since I was in the front office of an elementary school.  First as...more

How to Be a Good Mom

What a Mom will do nowadays to help support and raise a child is much different than in years past when all one had to do was feed and diaper a child. The rest was just left to chance. It occurred to me this week as we are preparing (at my house) for ACT prep testing that there may be many of you who have not been down this road yet. As parents we must pick the right pre-preschool. This sets the whole education resume....more
 @motherofnine9 Incredible, I am from a family of eight and I don't see how my mother did it.more

Celtic Symbolism and Design in Jewelry

Celtic Designs have certain meanings and in modern designs have been created and meanings have been invented to sell the design.  There are really only a few “official” meanings that scholars are sure of and most do not assign meanings to specific symbols....more