Let's Talk About Sex

My friend Tiffany recently shared a post she wrote on her blog about losing her virginity. Go read it; Tiffany is a phenomenal writer and just a wonderful person but I gush....more

Did You Get Hired? On why dating is like looking for a job.

Since breaking up with my longtime boyfriend a few months ago, I have been toying with the idea of, gasp, dating again.  As I think about getting back out there and meeting folk, I think about how dating is like looking for a job. This is not to say that a relationship is work (painfully rolling my eyes) but dating is like looking for a job. Don't believe me? I've asked some of my employment challenged friends how their job searches are going and the answers they share sound suspiciously like something I would say when asked if there is a special dude in my life....more

Bouncin’ and Behavin’ Hair Can Be Yours with Motions for #UrsulaforMotions

For as long as I can remember, hair has been a thing. I have coveted bouncin’ and behavin’ hair. My bathroom was not unlike a potions lab as I tried to get the right combo to make my hair go from kinky and out of control to sleek and hot ....more

Yarnthings: What Pattern Will I Crochet or Knit Today?

Hello! My name is Rachee and I collect patterns. Knit or crochet ....more

WIP Wednesday: The Kitchen Sink Blanket

Remember when I was stash busting and found bits and pieces of bulky yarn? (You say you don’t? Then come check out my Facebook page for yaRRns and, ya know, like me!) Post by YaRRns ....more

Grand Opening at Bonefish Grill Wilmington

Grand Opening at Bonefish Grill Wilmington Greets Community with Fresh Seafood, Philanthropy ...more

Swiss Farms Free Coffee Giveaway

Swiss Farms is partnering with local coffee micro-roaster Café Excellence to offer their coffees and hot teas to-go at all Swiss Farms locations, both by the cup and by the bag for home brewing....more

Makeover Monday: Getting Clutter Free

I have oft compared my home to one of a Hoarder. I have lots and lots and lots of stuff and I like my stuff but I realize that the stuff (clutter) is holding me back. I can’t (won’t) have people over ....more

New! Meals Plans…What’s for Dinner?

In which I take on the dreaded task of planning what we eat. The school year has started and so far The Bee and I have not quite found our groove. So far, the groove is not quite the rush, rush, rush that was middle school but more of a come as you are as we figure out what works and what doesn’t with these new things in our lives ....more

Off the Needles: The Kerchief Cowl

In some of the knit and crochet groups which I am a part of on Facebook, there is a thing called “Someday Sunday.” Someday Sunday is all about the patterns that knitters and crocheters want to make and some of the patterns have been gorgeous. I had my own Someday Sunday, The Bandana Cowl...more