The Sweetest Pain

There are times when people around me think I’m the strongest person they know; how my resilience has empowered them. Some even ask me for advice on various personal issues when the truth is – I’m still a work in progress, struggling with my own issues and half the time, is scared to death of myself. Don’t misunderstand me, I love life and the many blessings it brings but there’s a story behind these eyes that one would never be able to fathom and a fact that will never change no matter how hard I pray, meditate, exercise or help others:My mother has schizophrenia....more

Just a typical day in NYC...

The pleasantly annoying sound my iPhone makes when the clock strikes 6:00 AM… I don’t even raise my head, I just reach under my pillow and press one of the side buttons to snooze it (which is creatively set 45 minutes before I REALLY have to get up) – not sure if it’s a positive or negative thing that the phone is under the pillow, provides easier access to check the weather as soon as I awake.Who am I kidding?? Yes! I check Instagram and Facebook early in the morning sometime....more

"You're not like the others..."

Person: Where are you from?Me: I’m American. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.Person: No, I mean your ancestry. Where are your parents from?Me: Both parents were also born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. My maternal grandparents are from the south and paternal grandparents are from Barbados.Person: That’s it!! I knew you couldn’t be all Black American; you’re not typical and you damn sure don’t act like an American.Me: I’m afraid I don’t understand. What exactly do you mean?...more