Fussy in love

“I don’t know how someone as beautiful as you can be single.”  This was meant as a compliment and in my heart of hearts I knew this to be the case. But it’s a compliment that had been passed my way so many times, usually accompanied by a look of pity, that it no longer felt like a compliment.As the words are uttered I felt myself getting irritated as I replied, through gritted teeth; “I’m single out of choice not a lack of attention. I get lots of male attention but I want the right man.”...more

Future History - 5 steps to manifest what you want

These days a lot of people are getting into law of attraction, causing miracles and cosmic ordering.  But, I was really interested to discover that, the greatest boxer of all time, Mohammad Ali used visualisation throughout his boxing career.  He referred to his process of visualisation as “Future History”...more

The Year of the Horse - 3 top tips to making the most of it

The end of January seems to be one that is full of new energy and beginnings. It begins on Thursday with the New (super) Moon in Aquarius and triumphs again on Friday with the beginning of the Chinese New Year of the Wood Horse. But what does this all mean? Let’s begin with the New Moon in Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign of knowledge and intellect, mixed in with a healthy dose of intuition. The Aquarius new moon is about liberation and freedom, in a way that allows us to be our authentic and unique self....more

Clear the energy and make way for the Year of the Horse

Since last week I have been feeling achey and tired. Initially, I put this down to my new exercise regime taking its toll on my body. However, a few people I spoke to over the weekend, including those in other parts of the globe reported having the same feeling. For me, this was confirmation  that something was happening energetically. As we approach the New (super) Moon in Aquarius and, more poignantly, the Year of the Wood Horse there is a definite shift in energy. In order to prepare us for this our body and energy field are going through one final clear out....more