Truth: in many ways, this last school year kicked my butt ....more

My Sister Got Hitched

Sweet sigh of relief—my sister got hitched! And I couldn’t be happier! Within just six months, we went from this (our very first planning meeting) to this: ...more

Matron of Honor

I haven’t written in weeks! There are numerous reasons why but one main one is that I have been busy with my part-time job: MATRON OF HONOR. (Aside: doesn’t the word “matron” make you want to get the female version of the bowl haircut, put on your stirrup pants, and give up on life? Or is that just a me thing?)   My little sister is getting married next week! I can’t wait.  Her fiancee is awesome, and I’m so ...more

NYC Recap

I promised I’d share a few photos and anecdotes from my trip to NYC.  Here you go! 1. I arrive at LaGuardia Airport. As I walk into baggage claim, a stylish woman immediately asks if she can photograph my outfit. “I work in fashion,” she says.  ”I LOVE your neckline.” She takes two photos, then says “welcome to New York” and briskly walks off. I hope it’s not for a “What Not to Wear” style fashion blog ....more

Space Between the Logs

What makes a fire burn is space between the logs, a breathing space. Too much of a good thing, too many logs packed in too tight can douse the flames almost as surely as a pail of water. So building fires requires attention  to the spaces in between,  as much as to the wood. When we are able to build open spaces ...more

Being the Lion

I haven’t had time to post about NYC yet but I will! Here’s a sneak preview of how I felt about the city: ...more

Back from NYC

I just got back last night from my first trip to New York City.  I’ll write way more later (when I have D’s photos uploaded) but I wanted to stop in and say: it is WAY more fun to go on vacation in a city like NYC when you can eat cupcakes without wanting to kill yourself! ...more

My Month, Part 2

I feel like I am on wisdom overload. If you had been following me around for the last 24 hours with a notepad and a pen and writing down everything I had said, you would have a really good self-help book on your hands.  And the world would have a new role model…a really modest role model.  Because really.  I’ve said some pretty awesome stuff that made me sound really intelligent and wise  (<–much like that incredibly articulate sentence I ...more

Titles are hard

It’s been a fun month.  From a dear friend’s bachelorette party to her wedding ...more

The Important Things

A thought that has given me enormous peace over the last week: “As you go through this day, trust me to provide the strength that you need moment by moment.  Don’t waste energy wondering whether you are adequate for today’s journey.  My Spirit within you is MORE than sufficient to handle whatever this day may bring.  That is the basis for your confidence!” —Sarah Young, Jesus Calling (if I haven’t hammered it home enough, buy this book!) ...more