Do You Speak Up in Your Comments?

Multitasking Mumma explores the line between speaking up critically and being a troll in the comment section. Should all comments be positive support, or should comments further the conversation, sometimes politely disagreeing with the writer and pointing out problems in a train of thought? Does it make a difference if there are already many comments there, agreeing with the writer's words? It's a fascinating post that makes you think about what we really want when we put our words online. ...more
If I have enough time to write a thoughtful comment explaining why I disagree,  I'll definitely ...more

Send Out Cards

When we were young, no matter what store we were in, my mom would need to buy a card. Someone, somewhere, was celebrating. My brother and I would stand impatiently  and flip through the funny ones, shoving them under our mothers nose begging her to “just pick one!” But she had to find “the perfect one.” One that told the person she was buying for exactly how she felt. When she did find the “perfect card” she would exclaim, “Yes! ...more

The Baby House

When our last pregnancy ended we told our daughter very little. She was smaller then. And my heart hurt so very much. Talking about it ached. But the thing about children is their incredible perception, depth and awareness about what goes on around them. Even when you are certain they aren’t listening… they are. Last weekend, while playing outside with her dad, my daughter wanted to know why he didn’t have a motorcycle. A totally valid question, even though we ...more

I'm Okay with Being the Mean Mom

Hearing bedtime and brush your teeth, pajamas and no more treats, puts me in the mean category and that, my love, is okay. I am here to follow through, protect you, guide you, and make sure you are well. I am here to make sure the surfaces you jump off of aren’t too high, the candy you eat is just enough, and the fridge gets closed every time. ...more
cool moms are overrated. mean moms rule!more

Tips to Help You Save for Your Family Vacation!

With the economy the way it is, every penny that comes into my house matters, so a family vacation can often seem laughable. But I’ve learned that when it is carefully thought out, planned for, and organized time away with your loved ones doesn’t have to put you in debt. Today I have Sara Stringer here to help us find ways to take our families on great vacations without breaking the bank. Thank you, Sara for sharing your secrets, ...more

“The Sick”

We’ve been battling “the sick” in our house for what seems like weeks. It’s gross, ugly, and turns patient mommy into frustrated mommy when she is woken up by insistent coughing and cries for medicine in the middle of the night. But no matter how tempted I am to run to the clinic over a sore throat or cough, this time we are toughin’ it out! ...more

40 Years

On Saturday we threw a party. A very special party! My parents celebrated 40 years of marriage ....more

How to Coupon in Canada

Couponing in Canada is different than in the US. It’s not like on Extreme Couponer. We can’t double up our coupons, we don’t have store cards that take money off of our end totals, and I have no idea where to find those people who hook you up with those stacks of coupon inserts. But if there’s anyone who knows how to save money using coupons it’s my friend Nicole! ...more

Why It IS Okay to Share Online

Recently I have seen several posts on social media questioning parents and their ease with sharing their children’s pictures and stories. They suggest that we are too free with their lives and perhaps our children will grow up resenting us. Resenting the potty photo? What?! The whole thing is baffling me. I share my daughter’s pictures, growth, and stories because I am here for a reason. I nearly drowned in the darkness of Post Partum Depression. But I won. And ...more

Spring has Sprung

Winter has finally packed up its long johns and touques and left us with nice weather here in Ontario. That means more parks, more running, and more outside time ....more