Have you ever had to discipline someone elses child?

Do you have a nightmare neighbour?  A child you don't like yours playing with?  Have you ever said no to a playdate? We have a nightmare neighbour.  We only met these neighbour about 6 months into living in our new home.  The children met first.  The little boy knocked on our door and asked if a little boy lived here as he'd seen my boys toys laying around the yard.  Yes, I replied.  He seemed so sweet at the beginning! ...more
His mother gave him sleeping tablets because she couldn't handle his behaviour?!?!?!?! I try ...more

The 6 Months Before Kindy

Here we are with 6 months to go before my little boy, my first born, will be starting kindergarten.  He will be leaving my protective busoms and going out on his own in the big wide world for the first time in his dear little life. So, I should be sad, I should be worried that this is when it starts, he will no longer need me anymore, he won't rely on me for anything again, he will be able to think for himself, dress himself, etc etc.  So why am I counting down the days with a smile on my face and willing the time to pass more quickly? ...more