I am at the point these last few days where I can rationally work through the reality that my mother is gone.When I focus on that idea I can work it through to it's logical end and accept that all we have are our memories of Her. Luckily for us those memories are so full of Her incredible, indestructible spirit that they will not easily be lost.And then I lie in bed and close my eyes....more

My Ears Have Popped

For me grief has been something like this; you know when you're in an airplane or at a loud concert or club and your ears plug up so that everything outside of your own thoughts is muffled and garbled and ultimately it becomes too much effort to attempt to focus on anything outside yourself (maybe that part is just me - I'm both lazy and self absorbed)?Then suddenly, out of the blue, your ears pop and unplug and you are hyper-sensitive to the slightest sound?...more

thank you for your support - it's so good to have an outlet!


i shaved my head

No, this is not a figure of speech. I shaved my head.To some of you I'm sure this seems extreme or possibly insane. Probably mostly those of you who don't actually know me. Those who do know me know that I've taken my hair all that seriously. I've had my hair pretty much every length...except past my shoulders.I lack the patience, the ambition, the drive to grow my hair that long....more

Turns out that the fiance loves it...I really should give him more credit!

It's a good ...more