Goofy Looking Blog

Hello, Friend!Things are going to look a little goofy for a day or two. I'm uploading a new, responsive template. SO EXCITED!I apologize in advance for any inconvenience.Thank you!Heidi Kay This post is via Muslin & Merlot: ...more

Fun 'N Fluffy Flip Flops

Fun and easy way to spruce up those $1 flip flops! Wouldn't these colors be great for a Frozen-Inspired summer birthday party?READ MORE ‣ This post is via Muslin & Merlot: ...more

DIY Patio Paver Trivet

Super cheap and quick DIY - Make your own trivets out of patio paver stones!| READ MORE | » This post is via Muslin & Merlot: ...more

DIY Sponge Water Bombs!

What a fun way to stay cool : DIY Sponge Water Bombs! These would be a great addition to any (outdoor) summer gathering. So much easier and longer lasting than water balloons :-).| READ MORE | » This post is via Muslin & Merlot: ...more

Upcycled T-shirt Yarn for Loom Knitting!

This post will give tips on how to cut the yarn and use it on a loom. For directions on loom knitting a dishcloth, go to this youtube video!I do a little bit of volunteering for a non-profit that collect clothes and distributes them to people in need. We end up with a TON of t-shirts ....more

Use a Board Game as a Photo Backdrop!

Do you own an etsy store? Sell items on a Facebook garage sale site? Make your small items stand out by making a simple photo backdrop! ...more

Upcycled T-Shirt Tote

Turn a T-Shirt into a tote bag! This is a great project for sewers who've never worked with knit fabric.| READ MORE | » This post is via Muslin & Merlot: ...more

Upcycled Plastic Jug Gift Box

I buy vinegar in the BIG jugs! These jugs can easily be upcycled into pretty gift boxes. The fold at the top makes a very subtle four-petal flower motif ....more

Add Leather Handles to Fabric Storage Bins!

Upgrade your storage bins! Just a little bit of leather makes a big impact.| READ MORE | » This post is via Muslin & Merlot: ...more

DIY Father's Day Gifts!

Need a DIY Father's Day gift idea? These bloggers have come up with some great projects! Click over to their blogs to Pin their images :-) ....more