Christmas Break

See you next Friday when I share my year in review, until then turn off your computer and go make some cookies! Love and Happiness to You All! ...more

No Ugly Ornament 2014 Wrap-Up

No, I’m not on holiday yet! Like many of you, in the minutes I’m not rushing around, finishing DIY gifts, school work, recitals, scouting parties, baking, and roller derby (What, am I the only one with scrimmages on their calendar?), I’m attempting to keep all the mundane day to day things going. Thankfully I have finished the majority of my shopping but I still need to wrap up that closet worth of gifts ....more

Craftastic TV: Felt, Ribbon, Button Toy

Fine motor skills, shapes, colors, patterns, this simple DIY toy is an awesome learning tool and better yet it’s an gift idea easy enough for the kids to put together! Head on over to Craftastic TV and see how I put it together! I mention it in the video and in the description but I really can’t say it enough ....more

Want–Need–Wear–Read Printable Gift Tags

Every holiday season we’re reminded of our gross consumerism and while I’m not the kind of parent to ban Christmas gifts (don’t get me started on those types) I do think it’s important to put limits on the amount of presents my kids receive. I’d rather give them gifts such as dance lessons throughout the year. I want my kids to enjoy visiting family for the sake of keeping in touch NOT for the gifts they will be given ....more

Winter Wonderland Wreath

This post originally appeared on Create.Craft.Love. on November 12, 2014. Though you’d never guess it by the looks of my craft room, I love minimalism ....more

31 Breakfast Meals

Recipe Round-ups are becoming the church cookbooks of our generation! It’s a chance for blogging friends to get together and share their favorite recipes with each other and our readers. Hope you enjoy what we’ve cooked up! ...more

Over 40 Christmas Cookie Exchange Recipes

When it’s time for dessert we all have our weaknesses, for me it’s cookies! Crunchy or soft, chewy or crumbly, chocolate dipped or fruit filled, I love them all! A great way to sample a variety of recipes and share your favorite is during a Christmas Cookie Exchange Party ....more

Cranberry Almond Shortbread Bites

Shortbread is, in my opinion, one of the most underrated cookies. It really has a lot going for it, rich buttery taste, crumbly sweet texture, and an unmatched versatility. You can add nearly anything to the dough to create one of a kind flavors such as this Cranberry Almond recipe ....more

DIY Gift Idea: Embroidery Floss Washer Earrings

Making jewelry has always intimidated me, thankfully these earrings can be put together in a pinch and make for a perfect gift, Just think of the possibilities, you could use school colors, give it a holiday theme, go ombre, or keep it simple and go all black! These earrings have become my newest crafting obsession! I want to make a pair for me, my daughter, my sister, etc. ....more

The Joy of Creating

Air-dry clay ornaments were on the schedule today and a couple were made last weekend, but a funny thing happened while we were cutting, coiling, and shaping. Instead of sticking to an idea of what we should be making we just…made. It’s been a while since I’ve found a project that so utterly consumed everyone’s attention like that ....more