Homemade Laundry Soap Mason Jar Gift

When I find something that has worked for my family I’m always eager to share it, and what better way to do that than by giving it as a gift! Sure laundry soap isn’t your typical present, but paired with a set of wool dryer balls it’s a thoughtful gift anyone whose been knee deep in dirty clothes can appreciate!...more

How to Make a Bookplate Gift Set #holidaygiftHOA

Do you have a book lover on your gift list and never know what to get them? Bookplates are a quick and easy project that make an excellent gift! Paired with a nice pen, bookmark, and book light they're perfect for the bibliophile in your life!Continue Reading.. ....more

How to Make a Vincent van Gogh Self Portrait Costume

Looking for a clever artsy costume for this Halloween? Why not become a self portrait of everyone's favorite tortured artist, Vincent van Gogh? I actually got this idea from a picture on Buzzfeed and thought since I have a red-headed Vincent in the house I had to give it a try! ...more

20 Halloween Treats

There are still two weeks before Halloween, that’s plenty of time to get creative and celebrate the holiday with a tasty treat your entire family, dogs included, will die for! Hope you enjoy this collection of 20 devilish delicacies!Continue Reading.. ....more

Glittered Leaf Banner

Special thanks to...more

Face Painting: Comic Book Villain Harley Quinn

Special thanks to I Love to Create for the paints used in this video! When it comes to superheroes we're a Batman family! Or maybe I should say we’re fans of ALL the Batman characters ....more

Fall Plantings for Spring Color

Disclosure: For this review I received, from Longfield Gardens, bulbs of the lovely flowers you see above and I can’t wait to have them growing in my garden this coming spring! All opinions expressed are my own. This year I came to a gardening realization – I expect too much of my plants, especially the pretty ones ....more

Printable Halloween Banner

Nothing pulls a look together as well as a banner and with the help of Jen Goode I was able to complete our Halloween display using a page from her Halloween Printables set. Let’s just be honest, I never seem to have a color cartridge in my printer and when I do it gets used within a day or two. For that reason I tend to shy away from online printable sites, which is a shame because they can make so many projects so much easier ....more


Just a little nugget of wisdom for you to think about this Monday. -Erin ...more

Tin Can Creatures: Bat and Ghost

I told you Monday I’d be sharing two more Halloween creatures to make with tin cans and here you have it! Technically these could easily fall into the Craft Lightning category as well. Even before I sped up the video it was only six minutes long ....more