Being a Healthy Mom Makes for Healthy Kids

Moms know how it goes. You're driving along in traffic with your little ones safely tucked away in the backseat, and the next thing you know, some teenager trying to text and steer at the same time swerves into your lane, nearly hitting you. Without thinking about it, you let some four-letter word fly – something a little stronger than “Drat!” One week later, you find out from your child's pre-school teacher that they've been repeating that very same word. Monkey see, monkey do....more

This endless, often self flattering hectoring is getting really really boring now, can you just ...more

Male Nursing - The Unsung Hero of Medicine

I thought this broguht up a few real good points about male nursing. Hopefully it'll break some of the stigma surrounding murses and get some awesome people looking after other awesome people. We need you murses!Via: Online Nursing Schools...more