Why my husband is the superior parent

I promise not to turn this into a woeful "bad mom" post. But tonight it's clear as rain that my husband wins. And not just on popularity, though the kids often times show him preference;  he's a fun guy. That's why I married him. Which is kind of the point.   ...more

glance in the rearview

Last night another chapter of life sped away, brake lights lit barely long enough for me to say goodbye. My beloved, sporty, 2-door Accord drove off into the sunset with a new (happy) owner, leaving a more practical, sophisticated cousin, a minivan of the same Honda family, to take up residence in the garage.   ...more


A few simple truths have guided me in my general parenting principles: a) everyone is happier when they've eaten. b) everyone sleeps better after a bath. The first one is a gimme, but sometimes it goes without saying that you need to keep a spare bag of raisins in the diaper bag and always take a banana with you when you go places where you can't devote 100% of your attention to your child (such as, like this morning, the doctor's office). ...more

Behind every rule lies an idiot

It's hard to tell why some rules and laws exist. As a youth director, I depended on the theory that for every  rule there was an idiot that caused its existence because s/he didn't think about the effects of his/her actions. Why do we have to wear t-shirts? Because some girls didn't know that "no spaghetti straps" meant them. Why do we have to have a checklist for cabin cleanup? Because some group didn't take cabin cleaning to its intended purpose. Why do we leave at exactly 6:00SVT (Standard Verizon Time)?...more