Run After It!

I was on a spur of the moment boredom induced blog hop, reading and commenting my heart out. I came across a post from Madi about a new job she recently started. It was sweet so I left her a comment of encouragement.Congrats on the new gig! Start planning for your freedom now. As a matter of fact put that day on the calender and run towards it....more

Random Thoughts 6/19/2014

I purchased a digital book from Amazon. The preview looked great the description was awesome. Why was it only 10 pages long? I want my $2.99 back!Office attire is sometimes troublesome because of my DDs.I truly am grateful for the day party.Realizing I'm getting old after typing that.The Boy is officially taller than me. His eyes align with my forehead.Cancer sucks. Especially when it hits home....more

Proof Women Dress For Other Women

I have a friend coming in from out of town for business, who I haven’t seen since our middle school days safe and sound behind military gates in Germany. We planned to meet for dinner. This is when the conversation got good.Her: Dinner tomorrow..tonight I do have a mandatory marketing event from 6:30 – 9:00… all these dern changes love the job but can’t stand last min stuffMe:: Well damn… I put on a dress for your ass. LOL got folks asking if I’m interviewing or going on a date. LMAO...more