I just read a perfect status that fits me perfectly - if tweeked a bit - "I have mentally divorced my husband" I'm not legally married to him, and have grown to believe this common law marriage is bullshit - why?? because I have been with this man for 19 years, and supposedly in PA, you are common law married after 7 years....whatever. Seems every day, the longer I see him, hear his voice I hate him even more! I hate him so much I want to hire someone to try to talk to him, get him away from me, so getting out is easier....more

Too Be Honest...

Everyone tells me "I know you so well"  - really they don't, I don't believe the man I've lived with for 19 years knows me, oh he used too, he used to be so intuned with what I was thinking he'd tell me before I said anything. Does he do that now? He tries, but he pretty much could careless what I'm thinking, things go his way reguardless. I'm a Cancer sign, I not really big on star signs, they are pretty cool - I found the meaning of them for my kids, myself...random people. As far as 'telling' what a person is, thats not me....more

Whos The Bitch, Bitch?

Foolish...? REALLY, your calling me foolish why? I need to get one thing clear - I DO NOT appreciate being called names like I'm in elementary school, wanna play the kid game? OK I'm foolish - YOUR MOM is foolish! Why was I foolish? Cause I am unable to order Avon for a customer. Yes I sell Avon, but have informed my customers that I cannot place orders at this time!...more

And *I'M* the crazy one....

People say I'm crazy, in a good way - I'm hoping.. I try my best to be the life of the party, although more then 1 person at the party is a bit intimadating, I like to be the center of someones attention even for a short time, I'm better company then multiple people. At work, I try to get everyone to laugh, weather I'm rude or not - no one takes me seriously until I start yelling and cussing them out - or picking up machete pizza cutters. We have a few reg customers that come in, and I switch to either being sweet, funny rude, or flat out myself....more

Back - this ones easier

Someone walked up to my daughter yesterday, asked her if her and her mom (me) were the ones who 'took' care of the cats on the street. My daughter, who dislikes people talking to her period answered "yes" So the girl said she had a cat that just had kittens and wanted to know if we'd take them cause they didn't want them and would put them on the street otherwise.   @@ of course they would, let them be someone elses problem right??   I sooo wish I was the one this girl talked to!...more

Postcard Game

A few years ago, my oldest started doing the Postcard Project...Me using Myspace and a couple other social sites requested Postcards to be sent, of the persons city or state. Once she got the postcards, she researched the area, wrote what she learned in her journal, scanned the card and we added it to an album and then to an actual photo album, She got alot of really cool postcards, even a bunch of antique ones from a friend of mine in California!!  ...more

At my wits end

I'm not sure how I have made it this long, and WHY it took till near the last semester to SEE it! I knew my son had difficulty learning, he was/is a slow learner, one reason I took him out of public school, I felt he wasn't getting the attention he needed, with 30+ other children. ...more

Could money buy a new me??

At work last night, my boss and I toyed with the idea we had won the mega-millions lottery, we went in on a ticket the previous week (lost of course)....more

I love you, but I hate you...just a note that I'll never give you

Some people talk about how dysfunctional their families are - everyones is a bit worse then everyone else's. My own family has joked about how ours is dysfunctional as a whole, I personally believe mine is beyond that, and my extended family knows it.I've lost sleep some nights trying to wrap my head around it. I've played the 'woe is me' card maybe one too many times - but I really don't care anymore, I'll keep playing it, cause I can!...more

Scared of P90X.

So I asked DH for the P90X for Valentine's day!!No I'm not stupid lol - I'm just very practical, I PREFER a new vacuum over flowers...really though a couple weeks leading UP to Valentine's Day, he got me a new toaster, new bowls, a pretty vase (even though I hate flowers - he gets me a vase) - he IS a man however...a new pot and pan set, a new bra and a hideous ring. Me being the type that speaks to him - and says whats on my mind (we treat each other more like best friends, then husband and wife - it works for us - hence why neither of us is dead yet) I flat out told him...more