Quote for the day

I have struggled with this throughout the last couple years. I have always been a forgiving person. I am naturally a happy person. Forgiving someone who continually wants to hurt me Is the most self rewarding thing I can do spiritually. I thrive to teach this to my children, I strive to teach them morals. Whats right and whats wrong. Forgiving someone who hurts you will not only help you heal spiritually, but you will become an overall happy and decent human being....more

Inspirational Quote of the day

There are mean people in this world. Keep your head up and brush it off. Be the person you know yourself to be. Smile. Don't hate back. If someone is saying things, brush it off and forgive as they have issues with themselves. Let God handle those issues. You just live life the best you can being the best person you can be. If someone is being mean. Give them a hug, say something nice. Quote for the day:...more

corn on the cob recipes

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