@StellaG We seperated. I moved closer to my parens and am living my life as a single mom. I ...more

Brother In Law troubles

I've known my brother in law for 14 years. He was a fun guy to hang around when we were younger but lately he is the biggest drag to be around. He complains about my kids because they're not perfect angels like his, will even go to the point where he'll ask my kids whats wrong with them right to their face. Now let me note, there is nothing wrong with my kids, they get excited, free spirited and love to have fun. My brother In law has some sort of problem with that now I guess. My husband, brother and my parents are also fed up with his whiny attitudes and don't want to be around him....more

Bloggers are insignificant says one PR firm

I have been a blogger/product reviewer for 4 years now. I have always known to contact PR companies with my interests in a product. That is untill today when I received a nasty email from a PR Firm I work closely with on a regualr basis. She normally contacts me with pitches  from her clients. I have no clue who her clients are by the way. That is until I pitched to one of her clients, not knowing that she represents them. I got a nasty email telling me that I am desperate & don't appreciate anything and that bloggers are insignificant. Trust me she said much more.  ...more