My Favorite Things

It’s crazy how much things have changed in the last 9 days. Before my life revolved around painting furniture and finishing up our house, and now it all revolves around this new little addition to our family....more

Our Birth Story: Graham Russell

*I wrote this the day after Graham was born and am just now publishing it because…baby. ...more

Master Bedroom Updates

Things have been crazy busy around here as we got all new carpet this week and we continue to prepare for the arrival of our baby any day now! Every day has consisted of trying to finish up painting trim and tearing out carpet and moving furniture from one room to another. As exhausting as it’s been, today the carpet guys are finishing everything up and this weekend we’ll have our house back! ...more

Baby Shower!

This weekend we finally had our baby shower! With 3.5 weeks to go until our due date, there is nothing like waiting until the last minute, but sometimes…okay most of the time…that’s how we roll. I failed to get professional grade photos taken, but luckily my sister’s friend was able to snap these pictures before the place filled up ....more

How to Paint Trim White

So far in our home, I’ve been mostly concentrating on painting to bring things up to date and to reflect my decorating style. I feel like there’s no point in putting a bunch of stuff on the walls if I don’t even like the way they look! Of course I’ve been painting the walls, but even better than that has been seeing the transformation as I paint all the trim throughout the house white ....more

Update on the New House

Happy Wednesday friends! I feel like I have been struggling to make it to this little ol’ space of mine because while I feel like I’ve made a lot of progress on our house so far, I’ve yet to completely complete much of anything. Here’s a list of what I’ve “completed” so far along with some notes of what still needs to be done and some terrible iPhone pics (wouldn’t want to spoil the reveals) of the process: Painted laundry room walls, trim and cabinets – this is the only completely completed room thus far ....more

Tie Dye Baby Shower Idea

This post is brought to you by iLOVEtoCREATE and Blueprint Social. The opinions are my own. Summer is in full swing now, and it’s the perfect time to start taking advantage of the weather and planning some fun activities into your summer! ...more

30 Week Bumpdate: Preparing for Baby

It is unreal to me that I am already 3/4 of the way through this pregnancy. In some ways, the reality of the the situation hasn’t yet hit me, but in others (like the back pain) let me know that this is really happening. While I’ve been complaining quite a bit lately and I am ready to not be pregnant anymore, I can’t deny that I’ve had an extremely easy and uneventful pregnancy, even now ....more

18 Practical Ways to Design a Laundry Room

Where has the time gone? I feel like I haven’t stopped in here for an update in quite some time, but I promise you I’ve been busy personalizing our new home! I’ve painted the master bedroom and the baby room and I’m almost done painting the trim in both rooms ....more

How to Raise an Adult Book Review

9 times out of 10, I start conversations with “So I recently read this article about [insert almost anything]…” I think it drives some people crazy, but there are just so many different things to learn about out there and different points of view, and I want to learn them all. And then I want to talk about them. (Thank you to the friends who will engage in discussion with me about things that may or may not be that important!) So when I was given the opportunity to read and review the book How to Raise an Adult, I thought why not ....more