Monthly Meal Planner Printable

One of my favorite blog friends Julie happens to have some mad design skills so I asked her if she’d like to contribute to the blog a couple times a month and lucky for us she was willing to! So I’m handing it over to her today, enjoy! levitra discount card …. ....more

New Arrivals: We’ve Got Clothes!

Today I’m making my modeling debut with the new clothes I’ve added to my online boutique! Navy Baseball Tee...more

My Best & Easiest Money Saving Tip

If you know me personally, you already know that I am all about Dave Ramsey and making responsible financial decisions. Will and I are currently completely out of debt and have paid off some pretty big bills like my student loans and his truck that he just had to buy new off-the-lot. I have skipped a lot of outings with friends and hardly ever bought new clothes to save money in the past and all of my friends are aware that I’m pretty tight with my money ....more

Falling Off the Wagon

Well folks, it appears I’ve fallen off the blogging wagon recently. I’m not quite ready to let it go yet, so here’s to hopping back on the wagon and getting back into a routine here. I ordered a passion planner that should arrive in January (I ordered it too late and it was already backordered) and I have high hopes that it will work miracles and keep me on track ....more

How to Stain and Paint a Table

Today golden oak is on it’s way out the door while darker stained wood and white paint is all the rage. You can see why by the picture above. I myself have already decided that when I buy a house my kitchen cabinets will be white on top and turquoise on bottom ....more

New Arrivals: Warm Cozy Winter Scarves

Here in KC it is bitterly cold. And it is magnified by the fact that exactly one week ago we were enjoying a beautiful 70 degree day, and since then it has snowed. Boo ....more

Painted Mirror: Before and After

A while back I picked up quite a few mirrors from a garage sale and have been slowly painting them here and there. I had two left and decided they would make great mirrors to use in booths where I’ll be selling my scarves this holiday season. One of the two is gold and will work perfectly as is, but the other just looked a little too plain ....more

Using An Old Dresser Drawer for Extra Storage

My sister recently moved to KC and got her first full-time job since graduating from college. She moved in with her best friend and a few other girls and finally gets to experience city life. One of the downfalls of her new lifestyle is sharing a room and the limited space that comes with that ....more

Outside Fall Decor

Lately I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I’ve got a never ending list of to-dos and I’m pretty sure I’m running in circles and getting none of it done. I think this is what most people refer to as life! ...more

Painted Buffet Before and After

Happy Halloween! I have been so busy the past couple weeks I keep forgetting that today is a holiday. Obviously, I don’t have any Halloween plans ....more