Introducing The Girls Who Read Book Club

This week was the first week of an online book club I started called "The Girls Who Read" featuring entertaining and interesting books we love. I know most of you love to read, so feel free to jump into the club at any time. I hope you'll email me any ideas or suggestions on what we should read next. (For more info, scroll down to the FAQ section.)...more

How to Make Chimichurri

The first time I tasted chimichurri was in Westlake Village at a place called Galletto Bar & Grill, which I frequented often. I went a few months ago and ordered my favorite dish-the Brazilian Chicken (pictured below). It's utterly amazing. I think this dish changes my brain every time I eat it because it's just so good. The black beans and rice, combined with the acidity in the chicken and chimichurri make for a perfect blend of flavors that seem to dance in your mouth as you're eating....more

The Relationship Between Creative Genius and Mental Illness

What exactly is creative genius? How do we define it? Is creativity nurtured or is it genetic? Where do great ideas come from?...more

How to Deal with Blogging-Induced Anxiety

Not everyone deals with anxiety, but I certainly do. It wasn't until I was in college that I was diagnosed and it wasn't until weeks ago that I sought treatment from my doctor. I thought it would go away. Since I was a little girl I dreamed of being a published author. I was published in my early twenties and continued to write and publish. In 2010, I started writing my memoir--even though I was still in my twenties, I had a lot to say. As a pre-writing exercise I decided to start blogging....more

Twerk Miley, Miley Twerk

Everyone is upset about Miley Cyrus lately. She sticks her tongue out, for goodness sake! She twerks. She wears next to nothing. She's a trashy whore and a talentless slut. That's what people are saying, thinking and writing about Miley this week. ...more
@Lisa Thomson I agree, Lisa. Believing sexuality is dirty and sinful creates a myriad of issues ...more

The Truth about ‘Reality’ TV (Lessons for Bloggers & Creatives)

Many people think reality TV pays well and you’ll be an overnight celebrity. That’s not entirely true, although some people have made money from it or from the public exposure to their brands. Take a look at Bethany Frankel, who has published books and developed a booze line or Lauren Conrad, also an author with a net worth of id="mce_marker"2 million....more

Writing: The hardest job West of the Pecos

Back to School Again

{Photo above: Not me}...more

How to saw off your arm with a tin can (and be taunted by carbs)

Last week, my friend Abby came across this interesting recipe for Bread in a can.Yes, you read that right. Bread. In a can. ...more

How My Life in a "Cult" Has Helped Me Become Feminist and Progressive

Witch burning. Illustration from a mid 19th century book.  Photo Credit: Mullica...more
I lived with a cult too. At the time I didn't think it was, but my mom and stepdad did. It was ...more